Ashlyn and Chris

How We Met

We lived in the same apartment complex for a few years. I tried social media stalking him every way I knew and nothing worked! I saw him walking his dog multiple times but we were never face to face. I saw him driving in the parking garage at times as well. One day I even tweeted out that I thought this guy was my soul mate but I wasn’t sure if leaving a note on his car was too creepy or not! I decided to leave the note (or full-length letter so he would believe I wasn’t a creep) and the rest is history. We went on our first date a day later that lasted 12 hours and have spent every day together since.

How They Asked

We had been planning a trip to New York for New Years for months. I always knew we would end up getting married but I thought there was no way it would happen on this trip because I was doing way too much of the planning! He told me how important to him it’d be that we spend a day in Brooklyn, so we did that. That morning we went to breakfast at this hole in the wall crepe place and then we went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park afterward. I asked him to take a couple of pictures of me not knowing that he had such big plans waiting for us down by the water.

Where to Propose in Under the Brooklyn Bridge - New York

We got by the merry-go-round and he took my hand and started on with a speech that I hardly remember because I blacked out. I look over, and this man who I thought was a tourist was snapping so many photos of us when I look down and he’s on his knee with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen! We spent that New Year’s Eve the next day newly engaged and it was unforgettable! He’s my soulmate!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Under the Brooklyn Bridge - New York

Special Thanks

Jay Seth
 | Photographer