Ashlyn and Brandon

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Wilmington, NC

How We Met

Brandon and I met a little over three years ago when my friend, who is also his cousin, decided to set us up. I had just recently gotten out of a relationship and started community college, and the thought of dating again was NOT something I wanted to do at all. I was only focused on college and transferring to Appalachian State so I was really hesitant when Daniel asked me to meet Brandon. But, I decided to go anyways thinking if anything, I would make a new friend.

Sparks did not fly the first time around for us. Brandon and I went on one date after meeting each other and things faded quickly after. We never had much to talk about so our conversations were really dull and boring (the few times a day when we would actually talk), and I wasn’t all that interested. I thought Brandon was really cute and nice, but I was too consumed with trying to go away to college and Brandon had his own stuff to focus on so the timing wasn’t right for us. We both went our separate ways after that.

Ashlyn and Brandon's Engagement in Wilmington, NC

Brandon and I spent the next year apart. I was at college and he stayed home. We both went out with different people throughout the year, but nothing was working. Occasionally, I thought of Brandon a few times throughout the year without knowing he thought of me too. I didn’t think anything would happen between us because of the way things went the first time which is why I was really surprised when he texted me the following January (after not talking to him for a whole year) and asked if he could take me out again. Of course, I said yes :)

After our second “first” date, it didn’t take us long to realize we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other and I am so excited to marry Brandon. I love looking back on our relationship and seeing how even though we thought it wasn’t the “right time” for us when we first met, we actually did meet at the right time so things could lead us to where we are today!

how they asked

Brandon and I do a lot of fun things together, so we decided to do one last “fun” thing before summer ended and I went back to school. We decided to go to Wilmington for the day and visit filming locations of one of my favorite TV shows, and we had so much fun just being together somewhere different.

We went to dinner at this really cute seafood place on the water and decided to take a walk on the beach after dinner at sunset. We were worried about rain since we ran into a small shower on the way down and the weather app said there was a chance of rain, but the weather was perfect!

We asked a lady to take our picture on the beach and when she gave me my phone back I started complaining about my hair because it was so windy. As I was looking down at the picture, I noticed that Brandon stopped walking beside me. I turned around to see what he was doing and I watched him pull a box from the pocket of his shorts. It took me a few seconds to realize what it was and when it registered with me, he was bending down on one knee and asking me to marry him! He even got a little choked up asking me the question ;)

The proposal was so simple and sweet and exactly the way I wanted it! It was just the two of us there on the beach and it is such a special memory I will remember forever!

Special Thanks

Noah Overby
 | Photographer