Ashlyn and Brad

How We Met

I went out one night in June 2014 for a friend’s birthday. As the night went on, I kept noticing this cute guy looking my way but I was to shy to approach him. He eventually walked over to me and asked if I knew the girl next to me. I answered with, yes, she is my friend Megan. He responded with, well that’s my roommate talking to her. We ended up talking for 2 hours after that and exchanged numbers before the bar closed. Little did I know, that pilot from McConnell Air Force Base would steal my heart that night.

Image 1 of Ashlyn and Brad

how they asked

Hands down, I love surprising the people I love. However, on 1-15-16, my favorite person surprised me in the best way possible. He told me that McConnell AFB was open to the public and that I’d finally get to go onto his jet to see what he does for a living. Little did I know, the flight line was only opened for me and my surprise! My captain found his co-pilot!

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