Ashlyn and Billy

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How We Met

Our story is always an interesting one to tell. It always starts out with both of us looking at each other wondering if we should actually tell the whole, real story or just make up a few words. But, the real, whole story is always an interesting one to tell so here goes: While Billy and I are in fact high school sweethearts, we are by no means the ‘love at first sight’ kind of couple. I actually met him though a friend he was dating. Of course, we always had an attraction to each other but we never actually spoke until after they broke up. Since Billy attended a different high school we established a sort of “long-distance” relationship. We would spend all night on the phone and hours of our time texting. Eventually, he got the courage up to ask me to be his girlfriend and of course I said YES! For our first date, we went to Ruby Tuesday’s and attended a movie. We still have the ticket stub’s and the stuffed animal he won me from the arcade. Over time we grew more and more fond of each other and time seemed to pass with ease. We watched each other grow into adults and now looking back its been almost ten years since we first laid eyes on each other. I can say that I have made a absolutely incredible life-long friend, and a life-long partner who I love without a doubt. Billy is absolutely my soul mate and I wouldn’t ask for our relationship to have formed any other way! We are so excited to share our story and take the next huge step in our lives together!

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how they asked

In the summer of June of 2016, we decided to take our first international cruise. We decided on a 7-day cruise to Cozumel Mexico. This was the first time we traveled internationally and I think we both can say it was a trip of a life time! Our room was an ocean view balcony suite, inside the room was a bottle of champagne on ice with two chilled glasses. We popped the champagne and began touring the boat. Little did I know that Billy had everything planned before we even arrived in Cozumel. The night of the proposal was the very last night on the ship. Before dinner, he asked me to wear what makes me feel beautiful and be ready to watch the sunset on the top deck. So, I rushed and put my dress on and did my makeup- of course I ran out of time and had NO time at all to do my hair before sunset. But thinking this was a casual dinner, I put it in a bun and headed towards the top deck of the boat. Once we arrived on the top deck, I noticed it was empty and thinking nothing of it we went to the very front of the boat. There we watched the most beautiful sunset. He then began to speak romantic words to me about our past, present and future. Billy told me how much he loved me and how time has made him grow very fond of me. It was everything I have ever wanted him to say. He leaned into kiss me and before I knew it he was down on one knee. I instantly started crying! I was so overwhelmed and surprised at the same time. All my emotions hit me at once and all I heard was “Will You Marry Me?” At this moment, I jumped into his arms almost knocking him off his feet and said “YES!” We both smiled, kissed and hugged as the sunset. We then attended a private dinner with champagne where our engagement was announced to the whole restaurant. Later that evening, he told me he had hired a photographer for the proposal. Even though I was crying in a few, they are beautiful and catch all the emotions during the moment. After we retired for the evening, we watched the waves of the water from our balcony and he retold me all the words he said during the proposal. Just so I could remember them forever. I couldn’t have asked for a more romantic moment.

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