Ashlye and Roberto

Ashlye and Roberto's Engagement in Philadelphia Theater Company

How We Met

We met on and it was friendly banter over food, beer, languages, and random talks. We talked online for a few weeks and then we started having hour-long phone conversations as I would commute home from work We didn’t meet in person for another month which felt like I had known him and it wasn’t too awkward. We built our relationship on friendship which grew into love.

How They Asked

For a couple of weeks, he had been telling me that we needed a proper date night and he wanted to go see a play. I agreed since it had been a while that we got dressed out and went out on a date and so I told him to plan. Time passed and I completely forgot about date night. On a Saturday I had completed work and was waiting on him to pick me up which he had Uber sent to get me. Once I got home I was a bit moody and drained yet I see him all dressed and I start complaining about if we should go and I didn’t know what to wear. He told me to calm down and to go to our bedroom & I should be able to find something which I did when I saw the note on a dress he purchased for me. I felt foolish for complaining & hurried up.

Proposal Ideas Philadelphia Theater Company

Once dressed we got in an Uber to our next stop which was a surprise and it was the Theater which he had tickets already waiting. We take our seats until intermission where we stretch our legs and once it was ending he said he didn’t feel well but I should take our seats and he would be up shortly. Well, shortly took awhile and then he texted saying we need to leave because he wasn’t feeling better. As I am leaving our balcony seats and walking down the grand staircase to the lobby I see him pacing. He looks strange and he’s fumbling with words and I’m about to call us an Uber home and then he gets on the ground which makes me very concerned. At that moment he pulls a ring out and it took a few seconds to process and constant “you’re joking”. I had hit him with my clutch bag and the stage manager brought out a bouquet of flowers in my favorite color (purple). I said yes.

Now, he recreated the night he asked me to be his girlfriend. He had picked me up from that same theater and we went to the exact same restaurant, afterward went to a dimly lit speakeasy for cocktails.

The ring is a 14K rose gold with an amethyst stone surrounded by diamonds. My birthday is in February which has the Amethyst birthstone.

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