Ashlye and Joshua

How We Met

We met in 6th grade at our small town school, Mid-Carolina Middle. At first, we weren’t really friends, but we hung out with the same friend group from 6th grade all the way to the senior year of high school. We became pretty good friends in our high school days, had plenty of classes together and went to the same social gatherings. We were always kind of flirty with each other but it never amounted to anything until senior year. We texted some (because talking on the phone was lame) and I secretly wanted him to ask me to be his homecoming date but someone got to him before I could.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Edisto Beach, SC

Where to Propose in Edisto Beach, SC

I kept leaving notes on his truck after Friday night football games to see if he would catch the hint, and when he didn’t, I had to spell it out for him. We got to enjoy all of the joys of the senior year together, prom, graduation, and we were even voted for a senior superlative together. Then came college. We were going to different schools about 2 hours away and he was playing football so we couldn’t see each other much, needless to say, we Facetimed a lot. It was tough but we made it through and I eventually moved home. Now we live together and are getting married! A dream come true!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Edisto Beach, SC

how they asked

We headed to Edisto early on a Saturday morning in July. We both love the beach and I was excited for some 1 on 1 time. We got down to Edisto around 8 that morning and immediately hit the beach. We talked, listened to music, looked for shells (one of my favorite things), ate lunch on the beach, relaxed and soaked in the sun. Around 4 we went to check into the house, we both showered and then decided where to eat. Edisto is very natural, tons of shells, and wildlife and not commercialized at all, so think, “simple little beach town.” We decided on the Waterfront restaurant, ate our meal, and had a glass of wine. We went out on the short little pier and looked around in the one gift shop nearby, just wasting time, I didn’t think we had anywhere to be. Let me give a little background. One of our friends has a family house down in Edisto so Josh had been telling me all week that our friend, Jaye had told him about this row of beach accesses where we could find pretty shells, sharks teeth, and sand dollars.

I love looking for that stuff so of course, I was so excited. After wasting time around the pier, he suggested we go look for shells at that specific place, it was almost sunset. When we got out to the ocean, there were no shells to be seen. All I saw was a little bit of seaweed, and some rocks, I turned around and started searching. Just when I started to tell Josh that Jaye didn’t know what he was talking about, Josh said: “Oh look I found one!” When I whipped around to see what he found, he was down on his knee holding up a box. It took me by complete surprise. I took a step back to catch my breath and said: “Is this for real?” He froze for a second, and after a few sweet words, he asked me to marry him. With tears streaming down my face, I nodded my head yes and flew into his arms. He had a photographer set up at that beach access, and just the day before had gotten my nails done for me because “he wanted a pedicure.” Both were things I had always told him I wanted when we got engaged. The proposal was perfect and everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

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