Ashly and Steven

How we met: Steven and I have been friends since we were 10 years old. I would always ask Steven to be my “boyfriend” back then, but we didn’t start dating until we both left our hometown and went to college. It was almost immediate that we knew we were going to be each other’s forever.

how they asked: Steven and I went on a small trip to San Francisco this New Years. He wanted the trip to be exactly how I wanted so he gave me the reigns to plan everything we did. I planned a New Year’s Eve cruise so we could get great views of the beautiful New Year’s Eve fireworks over the San Francisco skyline. Once we got comfortable and the cruise took off, Steven asked me to come out and take a picture with him on the front deck. He is NEVER the one to pursue picture taking, but I obliviously took off all my New Year’s Eve gear and went out on the deck with him. He had a lady that worked on the cruise take our picture. As she was taking the picture, I felt Steven start shaking and turn to me. He grabbed both of my hands and asked me to be his wife. I can hardly remember the words he said, because I was in such shock and all I could say was “No, no way, no”. People that were watching asked “Can we clap? Does no mean yes?” Steven knew what I meant and told them “Yes, she means yes!” It is the absolute best feeling knowing I get to spend forever with my best friend.

Image 1 of Ashly and Steven