Ashlun and Ryan

how we met

From the bride: We met at a bar on a night out with friends. We were connected through a mutual friend/cousin and continued talking ever since. One of those experiences where you have no idea the person exists until they walk through the door. Living in a small town you do not expect to see or meet anybody new. This was an exception, and truly meant to be. We have been together 5 years!

how they asked

From the groom: I like to tell the story of the engagement because it was the one thing I have ever planned that went right! This time, better than planned. Over the summer Ash’s car had some troubles and I had borrowed her a rather large chunk of money to get it fixed. Never thinking I would ever see the money again, I used it as an excuse to dodge the pressure of any engagement talk. I would always hear things like, “I still don’t have a ring” or “Are we ever going to get married” and i would quickly remind her, “I still don’t have that money I borrowed you.” I used this for several months before I decided now is going to be the time. It was October, my favorite month, deer season, football, leaves falling, all of my favorite things. Why not add a fiancee to the list. At this point I had a ring, I had permission, all I had to do was ask! Not many people get engaged on Halloween but I decided that was going to be my day.

The day of Halloween was a Wednesday. (My half day of work) We had talked the night before that we would carve pumpkins on Halloween after dinner. I came home at noon that day as did she for her normal lunch run home to see the dog. Unexpectedly she handed me an envelope with a big smile on her face. I opened the envelope to find the money that I had loaned her. Like I mentioned earlier. I never. in a million years. thought I would ever see that again. I looked up to see her with her hand out saying “Where’s my ring?” :) Of course I had it in the house, but all i could say was “Wow i guess one of us saved a little faster than the other one around here.” She wasnt even mad because she was so excited to pay me off. The hour went by and she was off to work and I was off to the pumpkin patch.

Picking out pumpkins went pretty smooth. I bought 3. One for her, one for me, and one special one she wouldn’t know about. Halloween is usually my favorite day to bowhunt so I was hoping she wouldn’t think something was up when I wasn’t in a tree that afternoon. I spent all afternoon carving my pumpkin nearly messing it up for good several times. All I could think about is ” I can’t believe I have to do this again when she comes home.” I finished up my work of art and stashed it inside the bottom of a grill we have in our garage. (Where the tank goes) She came home from work, and I got dinner ready. We were having steak, and all the sides to go with it. After eating too much I noticed she was getting a little comfy in the recliner and at one point I didn’t think I was getting her to carve a pumpkin. I forced her out and got everything set up. It was painful to have to carve another pumpkin after how long my first one of the day took but I was excited for what was going to happen. Ash played right into my game, she would not let me see her jack-o-lantern until it was done. I thought this is perfect, I really don’t want you to see mine either. The most painful part of the whole experience was Ash’s true passion for pulling out and cooking EVERY. SINGLE. SEED. Ughh it was painful to watch and WAIT!! Finally we finished and I knew what I had to do. I wasn’t allowed to see Ash’s pumpkin so I took all the leftover scraps and through them in mine. I said, “I am just going to throw these outside for the deer. When I come back in we will light them.” My plan fell together perfectly. I went outside and swapped the pumpkins. We met back in the kitchen, this time with the lights off. We held out pumpkins back to back and lit them. On the count of 3 we turned them around. To her surprise mine said the words, “Will you Marry Me” in spooky Halloween font! Hers, a plain old jack-o-lantern. When I watched it hit her I got down on my knee and showed her the ring. It was perfect because even in the darkness of the kitchen, the ring lit up and sparkled from the light inside the box. Needless to say it was the first time my plans came together and it was truly a sign that it was meant to be.



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