Ashlin and Josiah

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How We Met

Josiah and I met 3 years ago, in March 2017 at Church in Colorado. Nothing came of “us” until months later. I had a birthday dinner in December and it was that night I realized how much I liked him, but a few weeks later I took an internship and moved across the country to North Carolina. He came to visit me during the internship and I actually ended up breaking up with him the day after he got there. It was very much the right guy and the wrong time. We didn’t talk for 6 months while I was gone. I moved back home in August 2018, at first he was hesitant to take me back but eventually, we got back together. About two months into dating, I ended up having a stroke, while we were on facetime as he was out of town for work. That was just the beginning of the health battle we would face. I have heart disease and the following year (2019) I had 3 unexpected heart surgeries. The battle we’ve been fighting together with my heart ended up bringing us so much closer to each other. After the year and a half that we’ve fought through (as it still continues), we have come out so much stronger together. I think we fell in love before we knew that we did and I know now that the love we have is built on a foundation of faith that is strong and steady and sure even when my heart doesn’t always feel like it. He takes care of my heart in a way that I’ve never known before and I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life, however long I do have here on earth with him!

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How They Asked

It was one of those COVID 19 proposals. We knew we wanted to get married this year, we talked about August and we even had a date picked out because back in December 2019 – after my last heart surgery of the year, the recovery was really rough and during that surgery in the waiting room is when he asked my parents for their blessing to marry me so when I got home, he told me to get excited about the future because it was going to happen even if it didn’t feel like anything was going to get better. So at the beginning of the year, I was so excited and hopeful. Then COVID hit and I didn’t know how on earth he’d propose.

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We went on a trip to NYC in February and I definitely thought this is it! And at dinner on our last night there, I realized it wasn’t happening. It was a hard pill to swallow and then COVID hit. We were trapped at home and so to get out of the house we’d go on picnics and every time I thought “oh maybe this is it!” and it wasn’t every single time. Then on May 1, everything changed. A few days before he asked me to go on a picnic. I thought this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

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We’d been going so many times before. It wasn’t happening. And he acted to “cool” about it. Not mentioning really anything about it until the day of, he goes “so you still want to go on the picnic right?” so I definitely thought nothing was happening that day. I got ready – and there was of course a little whisper in my heart that was like well maybe so I did my hair (Thank goodness ) however my nails weren’t done. His hair wasn’t cut. It was very COVID 19 themed. lol!

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so we drove up to the mountains to have a picnic at the same place we first camped together (twin lakes, colorado). He sped up the hill faster than I did, I was walking slowly and breathless and he wouldn’t let me sit down right away, and right then I knew which is why in the video I said “are you doing it right now?” lol. I didn’t know people were capturing it on photo or video – I was so caught off guard. He had gone up there weeks before with them to scout the location and had it all planned out. It was like a movie, but even better.

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