Ashlie and Nicolas Flores

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How We Met

We met on August 23, 2015. We went on a double date/blind date. My friend was dating his friend at the time and they set us up together. It was basically a one-sided blind date because I was impatient to see how he looked like, so I got to see a photo of him first. But I was a blind date for him, he definitely did not know what I looked like. When we met, he was definitely really shy. I was shy as well but I was most definitely excited and nervous and greeted him with a hug. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Old Sacramento. A man was walking by selling roses, he bought me one rose which I still have till this day. As we talked to get to know each other more, he said I looked familiar like he’s seen me somewhere before. He then said “Hey! You’re that girl on Instagram, I liked your photo that you posted three days ago.” So I guess it was definitely meant to be! Then we ended the night watching “Straight outta Compton” with our friends. Three days after that on August 26, 2015, he asked me to be his girlfriend at 1 am.

How They Asked

On June 27, 2020, we went on a hike to Emerald Pools in Nevada City, CA. My cousin, the maid of honor, came along as well as we planned this hiking trip for awhile. We went a fair ways from the entrance to a dead end. That’s when they knew it was time and it was the perfect spot to do it! So as my cousin, growing up doing parkour/rock climbing. To my knowledge, I just thought she was rock climbing just for the fun of it and I’m yelling at her “parkour parkour” as she is yelling “parkour parkour” back to me. But her yelling “parkour parkour” was to signal my fiancé that this is the perfect spot. Then she took out her phone. At this point, I still did not get the signal of what was going on I just thought she was getting a photo of us from up on the rocks. Then to realize she was actually recording, I then started acting like a silly person that I am when I’m around the people I love. Then she told me to turn around and I see my fiancé on one knee asking for my hand in marriage and said “Will you marry me?” My response was “What! Are you serious? Yes!” I definitely cried like a big baby that I even made my cousin, maid of honor, cry. They definitely tricked me and did a great job at it.

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Special Thanks

Lyriq Yang
 | Planning