Ashlie and Coby

Engagement Proposal Ideas in My grandpa's land on the Brazos River

How We Met

It was the end of my freshman year in high school when I had this super cute guy named Coby follow me on Instagram. I wasn’t suspecting anything out of him when we started following each other, but i was hoping some likes could change that. Coby eventually started liking some of my photos, so I soon returned the favor. He then dm’ed me and we immediatly started talking. I was very skeptical at first because I had no clue if this guy was even real and or if I was just falling for someone who was fake. Coby had just got to Texas not long before we started talking. He is currently stationed in Fort worth for the Navy, so he had made plans to come meet me in person. After a few talks with my mom and dad, they finally gave in. So on May 16, 2015, he drove four hours just to see me. Did I mention that he brought my mom and I flowers. Later that day we went into town to pick up some pizza that we had ordered. It was pretty late by then. Well, my sister-in-law who just happened to almost due with her first baby started having contractions. So, we took her to the hospital and had my parents come pick coby and I up, which was around 10. My parents didn’t want Coby driving all the way back, so he just spent the night because the next day we were headed back up towards fort worth to see my grandpa in the nursing home anyways. Coby offered to go with us, so i just rode with him. On the way he was talking about how much fun he had with me and how he wanted to continue it, so he asked me to be his girlfriend. Ofc i said yes, and we have been together ever since.

how they asked

It was just before sunrise on August 26, 2018. We were at my grandpa’s land on the clear fork of the Brazos river. Coby had woke me up early that morning to go check our fishing poles that we had set out the night before. Anyways, i was being my cranky self because lord knows I hate being woken up early. But I managed and crawled my happy butt out of bed. My parents were already up when I walked out of the trailer. Coby told them we were gonna go check our poles, so we jump on the gator and head to the part of our property that we call the railroad tracks. Long story short on why its called this. My grandpa who passed away would always call it this, so therefore, the name stuck with it because there was actual adandoned parts of the railroad on our land that was blown up with dynomite. Anyways, moving on, I jump out and immediately start reeling my pole in. Well, I then jump back into the gator to go but coby told me I had one more to reel in. So as i was reeling my brothers pole in, coby was asking me how I liked living with him. By this i was already somewhat confused, but I answered his question anyways. He then went on to say that I get to live with him for the rest of my life and I immediately started crying because i couldn’t believe what was happening. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, I was in complete shock and replied with “Are you serious?” Which made me realize i didn’t say yes yet. I eventually said yes with tears rolling down my face because coby knew how much this land meant to me considering it was passed down to my mom and her brother and sister after my grandpa passed away. It made me feel like my grandpa was watching the whole thing right beside me in real life.