Ashli and Kevin

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How We Met

Kevin and I both have a passion for fitness so it would be only fitting that we met in the gym. Introduced by mutual friends but never thinking that we would one day be a couple engaged! Kevin and I shared a few laughs and text conversations back and forth before he asked if we could hang out. Fast forward to the first night we spent time together. It was as if we had known each other longer and we were both so surprised by how comfortable we instantly felt. One day turned into one month followed by “I love you”. It was an instant connection and love that naturally developed. We are best friends and lovers now a year later engaged!

how they asked

On December 5th ….

Kevin is a man of romance. He is always doing something sweet and thoughtful for me. I always have fresh roses just because, love notes, petal trails to a thoughtful gifts are his usual acts of selfless love. He is also a man who loves to bust my chops and joke around. Playful & fun! So last week while lying in bed Kevin was extra giddy and I kept asking why? He turned to me and said “look under your pillow” .. Naturally I’m thinking omg PRESENT! lol- however, I was wrong. There was nothing there. I look at Kevin and he’s laughing and says “I didn’t say there was something there – I just said look under your pillow” ?

Fast forward to last night – I got home from work and we were folding laundry together in our room when Kevin said “babe look under your pillow”. I instantly said ” I’m not falling for that again! You’re so mean” but he insisted this time there was something there. So, I looked and to my surprise there was a box. I opened the box and found a little paper cut out of a heart that said “my heart” .. Kevin being Kevin, I thought this was my gift and thought it was so cute and sweet. Kevin said ” you don’t like it ?” And I said “No babe I love it thank you ” .. then I think time stopped and floated outside my body as I watched Kevin reach for the pocket of his sweatpants .. and say ” is this better?” Down on one knee with tears full of love asking me to marry him!!!!! It was perfect, it was us. #isaidyes #FutureMrsHelm #believe #happilyeverafter

Never stop believing in your fairytale .. it will come true. God is good.

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