Ashli and Adam

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How We Met

Saylor, my niece, was in the hospital at Texas Children’s for a lung infection and was about 10 months old. My mom went up to the hospital to keep my sister and her husband company for the evening. Adam was volunteering that night at the hospital and walked into Saylor’s room, wearing a Dr. Seuss hat and paper scrubs. That is when all the questioning began from my mom, sister and brother-in-law. I was sitting at home when my sister called me frantically and told me “YOU HAVE TO ADD THIS GUY ON FACEBOOK”. I told her “I am not adding some stranger on Facebook, you are crazy”. She told me to just do it, so I did. Adam agreed to take me on a date to “shut my mom up.” Adam sent me this message “Hi, I met your family today at the hospital… And they are awesome. I’ve never asked someone on a date through Facebook but, your mother convinced me that I’d be crazy if I didn’t. Let me know if you are interested in meeting up for a quick bite to eat”. After getting cold feet and rescheduling the date with Adam, I finally said “what the heck” and went on the date. When i first saw him on the date i thought to myself, “wow, my family really has good taste!”

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how they asked

Adam was in his last semester of MBA Graduate School at UT Austin and decided that we needed to take a trip to Austin for his “last free weekend” before school started. He wanted us to go to Austin to rock climb. I was very reluctant to go because it was really cold outside. I tried to back out of the trip and he was not having it. The proposal happened on the Greenbelt while we were rock climbing. I was videoing Adam going up the rock and talking to his friend at the same time. Adam go to the very top and it was taking him a long time to come back down. I figured he was just worn out and needed a break, so I stopped filming and continued to talk to his friend. My turn was next to go up the rock. I got to the top of the rock and on a ledge was a note and a box with a ring in it.

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Special Thanks

Photographer: Admyer Studios//Hair Stylist:Waterstone Salon//Makeup Artist:Makeup by Megan Cisneros//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Brooks Brothers//Jewelry:Verragio//Jewelry:Robbins Brothers//Apparel: LuLu’s// Location:Bull Creek Park