Ashlhea and Max

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How We Met

Max and I have a great fake story made up on how we met, but I’ll spare you, and just say we met on an app. Max and I were both playing around on the app, our paths happened to cross, and we started talking from there! Two months later, my best friend took me on a trip to New Jersey (where Max was stationed at the time- Go Navy!), to finally meet him face-to-face!

how they asked

I had just come back from visiting Max in Key West that past weekend, so I wasn’t expecting him at all! Little did I know, he was only an hour behind me on the drive home, and was in Miami planning and getting everything together for about three days beforehand. On the day of, I was walking back home, and he was sitting on the rocking chairs outside of my building; I totally passed him, and he had to say “hey babe!” before I even realized it was him! He told me to go upstairs and get dressed, because we had lunch plans at one of my favorite places in Miami, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, where Max and I had gone the year before to celebrate the anniversary of the first time we met, on Valentine’s Day. When we got to Vizcaya, he said he had to use the restroom, but he was actually calling the secret photographer, who happened to be my friend Kelly! Max suggested walking around for a bit before getting lunch at the café. We made our way outside to the gardens, and Max kept making comments like “I can’t wait to bring our kids here and show them where I’d take you on dates” or after seeing another couple taking their engagement photos, he said “that will be us soon!”. I still had no idea it was coming! We finally got to this big fountain and he suggested we take a selfie.

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As soon as we were done, he tuned to me and said something along the lines of “Ashlhea we’ve been dating each other for two years now and in that time, you’ve made me the happiest man alive. I think it’s time we move on to the next chapter in our relationship.” Honestly, I was freaking out so much that it began to blur, but I remembered the important stuff!

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And then he went on one knee before saying “Ashlhea, will you marry me?” I was crying so hard by that point, I didn’t even say yes! Max just said “I’ll assume that’s a ‘yes'” and slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger!

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Kelly came out and told me she’d photographed the whole thing! She took more (beautiful) photos all over Vizcaya, and after Max and I got back to my place, he told me to pack a bag! Turns out Max had a whole mini-vacation on South Beach all planned out for us as well! It was the most magical time, and I’m so excited to marry this amazing man!

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Special Thanks

Kelly Wagner
 | Photographer