Ashley and Travis

How We Met

From Travis: I started a job at “Cintron”, a beverage company in Philly whose owners had a hobby of superboat racing. My job, along with many others was to run their social media pages, which, at the time, had a total of 444 followers. My task was to grow the pages, so I created a Facebook competition to find “Miss Cintron 2012”, our brand representative for the following year. Our Facebook page grew rapidly to over 12,000 fans in under a month! Ashley won by a landslide and as her prize, she was flown down to Key West for an all expenses paid week at the Superboat World Championship (which Cintron won the title of). The best part, was that since I was the “young new marking guy who knew more about social media than any of the older cintron reps”, I was told to head to Key West, 4 days earlier than the rest of the company, and to “show Ashley a good time”. I may have taken that a bit too literally looking back, but hey, it worked out for the best! I took her parasailing, on a jet ski tour around the island, to dinner at fancy restaurants and the rest is history. We have been in each other’s lives ever since.

From Ashley: Travis and I met thanks to a little business adventure. He was working for an energy drink company and I won a social media competition to become the face of that drink. Part of my prize was an all-expenses paid trip to Key West. I had done my research of who was part of this company and assumed Travis was the one who ran their FB page & was in all the photos. Travis told me he would be picking me up from the airport, so to my research (and assumption) a tall, African-American man would be picking me up (this is who was all over the energy drink’s FB page)

Come November 7, 2011, I arrived in Key West airport & this young man, with blonde hair & green eyes, tapped my shoulder and said “Ashley?” I turned around confused and he introduced himself, “Hey! I’m Travis!”

Honestly, I know it’s cliche, but it was like something hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew there was something special about him. So much so, I called my mom to tell her that exact thing and she replied.. “don’t mix business with pleasure.” 8 years later, here we are :)

How They Asked

From Ashley: I get butterflies every time I think of this amazing moment. We were travel blogging in the Maldives at the end of December. The resorts we work with usually set up an itinerary for us and one of the activities here was a sunset catamaran cruise. I assumed this was for content creation. December 14, 2016 rolled around and Travis insisted we get dressed up and have ourselves a nice evening together. I didn’t think anything of it. We got ready and headed to the dock where we were greeted with champagne and smiles. I was absolutely clueless lol

About an hour into our private cruise, one of the crew started flying a drone. Travis had just purchased one for this trip and told me he wanted to get some tips from this gentleman. So I’m hanging out on one of those nets above the water on the boat, watching the sunset, still clueless. Travis then came back and asked me to take a nice photo with him and to stand up. I was excited because it’s almost impossible to get him to take nice photos with me.

He hugged me so hard and THAT is when I knew what was happening. His heart was beating so hard I could feel it beating onto my chest from that hug. And I knew one of 2 things was happening. Either he’s telling me he’s dying, or he’s proposing. Suddenly, Bruno Mars “Marry You” came on & he whispered “you know you’re my best friend, right?” I cried so hard and just kept screaming “no you’re not! No you’re not!” I don’t even remember him actually asking me. Luckily, he had the entire thing recorded as proof he actually asked me lol We then cruised back to the island where he had a private dinner under the full moon and stars all set up with my favorite, lobster & steak, as well as a private musician. Then when we went back to our room, he had the staff make little penguins (my favorite animal) out of towels with “congratulations” written in flowers across our bed. He literally incorporated all of my favorites in one night while asking me to share the rest of our lives together. I couldn’t of asked for anything better.

From Travis: I was poked and prodded for months from both Ashley and basically every other woman in her and my life about “when I’m going to pop the question”. This honestly prolonged my decision to ask Ashley to marry me, but finally, I felt like the timing was right. We traveled to a few countries before booking our Maldives vacation, in our eyes the Ultimate destination. Only two weeks prior to the trip, I decided to go ring shopping. A friend recommended me to Candice at Brent L Miller who helped me custom design the perfect, pear cut, pink diamond ring and produce in just in time for the trip. I then reached out (secretly) to contacts at our travel partners from The Asia Collective who introduced me to Maki from Lux in Maldives. She and her team worked wonders for Ashley and I to make the day unforgettable. After “stepping away” for many secret phone calls, we set up a Catamaran cruise approximately 6 days into our vacation where we would be given champagne and be serenaded by the crew in the open water. I even purchased a drone in anticipation for aerial footage, which we have but the severe wind made it very difficult to fly. I’m prone to misplacing important things, like my passport once in japan, but I was able to never leave the ring out of my sight and keep the plans a total surprise from Ashley. The last step was getting on one knee only 4 feet from the open ocean balancing on a net, luckily avoiding dropping the biggest purchase of my life and sliding it onto Ashley’s finger, who was hysterically cry/scream/laughing at the time. She said yes! The night then ended with a private dinner on the beach, surrounded by candles in the shape of a heart, a delicious dinner cooked for us by their chef on the sand bar and a band just for us.

Special Thanks

Photographer: Brian Jarreau Photography//Shoes:Christian Louboutin//Dress Designer: YSA Makino//PR Rep: Be Inspired Public Relations//Floral Designer: Adam Leffel Productions//Caterer: The Tides Estate//Reception Venue: The Tides Estate//Event Planner: Kaleidoscope Weddings//Officiant: Married by Rev Roxy

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