Ashley and Tanner

How We Met

Tanner and I met in 2005 at youth group and man did I think he was the most annoying kid there! Fast forward a few years to 2009 and I thought he was slightly less annoying and kind of cute, so we gave it a shot. Needless to say, we were both kind of young still and had some things to figure out on our own. So even though I was almost 90% sure I had already fallen for him, we went our separate ways, we were still friends and spoke on and off again for a few years. Then the spring of my junior year Tanner and I bowled a summer league and he asked me for some help with girl trouble, the irony of this still makes me chuckle! A few months passed and things didn’t work out with them, so he and I started hanging out a lot June of 2011, and the rest is history! Now I get to marry my best friend and my high school sweetheart.

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How They Asked

I had always thought that I wanted some big, fancy, and unique proposal. My best friend and I even had a facebook page dedicated to ideas we thought were heart-stopping, but I was so indecisive. The ideas ranged from hot air balloons to beaches at sunset, from having both of our families there to it just being the two of us. The one thing I knew with absolute certainty is that he had to have it photographed. Well in December of 2017 Tanner proved two things. The first is that he listens, and the second is that he knows me way better than I know myself. We had huge plans to spend Christmas and New Years Eve with my brother and sister in law in Europe, we were stoked. The closer we got the more nervous I became, not because we were running behind on plans or anything, but because we would also be celebrating our 7 years anniversary while there.

The Sunday before we left for our first overseas adventure together we were doing family pictures with our best friends and our niece and nephew. Anyone that knows me knows that I am very much a roll out of bed, brush my hair, and leave kind of girl. Doing my hair and make-up are not my strong points at all. In fact, I really only do them when I know pictures(or surprise proposals) are possible. So we get there and we take some pictures with my favorite little rug rats then the photographer(my amazing future sister-in-law) says that there is a perfect spot for Tanner and me to take some pictures with just the two of us. Not thinking anything of it besides the fact that I needed to fill a blank space in my living room wall so why not. I kid you not, the next couple minutes were a blur, one minute Brooke is telling Tanner to smile and the next I am blubbering like a doofus because my best friend is kneeling next to me asking me to spend forever with him holding the most beautiful ring on earth.

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I always joked with everyone telling them that I would say “about dang time” and I could barely get the word yes out. Tanner still gets stuff to this day for proposing 3 days before we flew off to Europe, but I am absolutely in love with how he asked for a few reasons. The first is because it caught me completely off guard(I was 100% positive that he was going to ask in Europe), the second is because it is us in every single way and some of our people were there but not a huge amount.

The last is the most important to me, he knew how nervous I was about the trip, and he knew why. He knew that I would be freaking out every morning trying to look cute and semi-put together, he also knew that I would constantly be wondering when he was going to ask the entire time instead of taking in everything around me. It also meant that I had enough time to plan it out so we could take our engagement pictures while in Verona.

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