Ashley and Sean

How We Met
We met in May 2009 at a local dive bar in Laguna Beach, CA. Ashley was out with her sister and some friends. I immediately was in love a first site and asked her to dance. We danced and talked the night away.

Over the years, we have grown tremendously in our relationship and have become best friends. From experiencing new adventures together, such as hiking or camping trips, to sharing close moments with family and friends, we enjoy experience life together and can’t wait to become husband and wife!
how they asked
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On Sunday, November 10, 2013, I asked Ashley, my girlfriend if she wanted to go for a stroll on along the beach after church. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we parked on PCH in Laguna Beach, CA.Image 2 of Ashley and Sean

We walked down to Ruby Street Park, where Amy, her amazing twin sister, had secretly decorated the park with rose pedals, flower arrangements and pictures of us. I also had Jessica Haddy, a local Laguna Beach violinist, hiding in the park.

When we entered the park, Jessica was playing “My Heart Will Go On” from the Titanic. This song is special to us, because Ashley has played it at various occasions to me on a piano. Ashley was immediately surprised and starting shedding tears of joy. As she started to take in the ambiance, I asked her if I could read her a book.

I took her hand and we walked down to a bench that overlooked Woods Cove and Moss Point Beach.

In the book, I had various pictures of us from throughout our relationship, including a photo from the first night I met Ashley in 2009. One of her friends sent me the picture a few years ago and I held on to it dearly. At the end of the book, I said there was “one more question to ask.” I told her I couldn’t picture my life without her and got down on one knee and proposed. SHE SAID YES!!!

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Afterwards, our parents, Amy and my uncle joined us in the park for a champagne toast. We enjoyed more of Jessica’s tunes, including “What a Wonderful World,” “Moon River,” “Salut dAmour,” and “Serenade.” Finally, we went a local restaurant overlooking the water for brunch. I couldn’t ask for a better moment and am thankful for all of the people who helped make it happen, including our parents, Amy, Andrew, Jessica and my uncle. I couldn’t have done it without your help! Thank you for watching and enjoying a special moment in our lives!

Here’s the video:

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