Ashley and Robert

How We Met

We first met at Northwest High School when Rob transferred his senior year from Friendly High School in Fort Washington, MD. Rob claims the first time he saw me, we locked eyes and knew he wanted to date me. Ironically, I have no recollection of that moment and no idea he even saw me that day. Side note: he says that I did look at him but stared him up and down and walked away. The jury is still out. Nevertheless, God knew the perfect time for us to really see each other. We reconnected as adults and have been inseparable ever since. When we first started our relationship in early 2017 I was living in Miami and Rob would fly every 2-3 weeks back and forth to see me. In early 2018 we decided I would move back home to continue to grow our relationship and the rest is history. I chose Wright ;)

How They Asked

On Rob’s birthday, November 21, 2018, he asked me to be his wife. It will forever be the day that changed our lives and the day we decided to spend forever together. Getting to this point has been special since we’ve known each other but have not dated for 13 of the last 15 years. Many things have brought us together since we first reconnected and each day has been better than the last.

As a couple we love to travel together (9 countries and counting so far) as well as our love to just laugh at the silliest things. We are deeply grounded in our faith which has been the foundation of our relationship from day one. God has blessed us through time and distance and we are excited to continue this journey into matrimony.

Special Thanks

Leo Creary
 | Photographer