Ashley and Noah

Proposal Ideas Ashley’s hometown, New Smyrna Beach, FL

How We Met

We met at a coffee shop on a small island in downtown Tampa, which ironically is where we decided to buy our first home together 2 years later. We can’t lie though, there was a facilitator named Bumble.

Ashley and Noah's Engagement in Ashley’s hometown, New Smyrna Beach, FL

Where to Propose in Ashley’s hometown, New Smyrna Beach, FL

How They Asked

When I was 16, my mom passed away from breast cancer. She was nominated to be the teacher of the year for years and years but always turned it down. The year she passed, the other teachers made sure she was Teacher of the Year and had a brick engraved on the main strip/beach approach in town. I was so excited to show Noah my mom’s brick when I first took him to visit my hometown. He said it was then that he knew he would propose there.

So, two years later, Noah had bricks engraved for me right above my mom’s and they will be there forever! He took me back home for Father’s Day and as we were walking to the restaurant, he asked me to point out my mom’s brick again. I was shocked to see my own name first!

Special Thanks

Jenna Schilsky
 | Planning
The Happy Bloom
 | Photographer