Ashley and Mike

how they asked

For the past five years, we’ve gone to Lynd’s Fruit Farm for apple picking and to hand pick pumpkins – one for each of us and one for our pup. This year started off no different than the previous… or so I thought. He and my best friend from high school somehow managed to pull off a nail appointment early that morning while he got a haircut with no suspicion from me – major props on that alone!

Ashley's Proposal in Lynds Fruit Farm - Columbus,OH

Fast forward to the pumpkin patch..

We pick out our pumpkins and load them into the car to head over to the apple orchards. He insisted on parking by the Evercrisp apples because “they are second best to Honey Crisp”. I hadn’t heard of them before but I thought ‘eh I’ll play along, he must’ve done some research’. We grab our bag and head into the orchard. Of course, we took the traditional fall pictures as we filled our bag with fresh hand picked apples and soon enough we had filled the bag to the brim! I start to head out of the orchard to go to the car and he insists on grabbing a few Golden Delicious apples. Being the person I am – I replied with “I don’t like Golden Delicious Apples!” but followed him anyway. We cut through a row of trees and immediately I saw a table set up in the middle of the orchard with apples, pumpkins, pictures of us, pictures of our pup, and a cute little hand-carved sign he had ordered off Etsy (c’mon!!). Next thing I know – he’s down on one knee and I couldn’t stop saying “OMG is this REAL?!”

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lynds Fruit Farm - Columbus,OH

After a few moments passed my girlfriend from college emerged from the trees (she’s a photographer and had been hiding in the apple trees for who knows how long!!). His twin brother set up the table for us and he too appeared shortly after. Turns out he had already set up in another portion of the orchard and had to move because we didn’t go where we were supposed to hah!

What a day ??

Special Thanks

Alina Antonyuk
 | Photographer