Ashley and Mark

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How We Met

Mark and I met in middle school during a class we shared together. It was not until years later when we became friends rather than acquaintances. We were both 15, and he was my best friend. Mark and I talked for 8 months, he would walk me to class, and text me non-stop every day. Mark never told me how he felt about me, after not knowing his true feelings, and scared of rejection, I canceled many plans and slowly distanced myself away from him and we eventually stopped talking. Fall of 2013, our paths crossed again, we were both 17.

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After Senior orientation, I seen Mark walking in the parking lot of Dublin Coffman High School. I blurted out “Hi Mark!” before I even had time to think about what I was doing, this was the first time we spoke in a year and a half. Later that night, Mark text me. We made plans to hang out, this time I did not cancel. It was not until two weeks later when we officially started dating, September 7, 2012. Before a football game mark sent me a text, “Do you like me?” I responded “Yes, do you like me?” mark never actually gave me an answer, he never actually asked me out either. He replied with “Well I guess it’s official.”

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I didn’t understand what happened until I checked Facebook later and seen that his relationship status went from “single” to “in a relationship” and that’s when I see a notification asking to accept a relationship request from Mark. After we graduated high school, we decided we were going to continue to date during college despite being 200 miles away from each other. Mark studied Education at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio. I studied Exercise Science at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.

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how they asked

Days leading up to July 2, 2016 I knew I had to attend a graduation party and required to wear a dress. I was mad to find out plans changed after I finished getting ready for the “graduation party”. I decided to hang out with mark instead, our date started out at the Topiary Park in Columbus Ohio and then led to a library. About forty-five minutes later we decided to go to Whetstone Park of Roses. On top of the observation tower, Mark got down on one knee. I of course said YES!

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Mark had planned the events with my family months before, he sat down with both my parents and asked for their permission. Mark and my family had planned to tell me about a fake graduation party all along. Mark had one last surprise for me, he asked for two of my close friends to witness the proposal.

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Special Thanks

Amber Dupree
 | Photographer