Ashley Emma and Jake

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How We Met

Jake and I actually lived in different cities when we met by chance in New York in February 2019. He was here on a work trip and I was living here at the time. Even after he told me he lived in Cleveland, Ohio, I knew I wanted to continue a relationship with him, even if that meant long-distance. I remember thinking when I first met him “that’s the person I’m going to marry”. Despite living in different cities, Jake and I made it work. We shuttled between Cleveland and New York and took every opportunity we had to spend time together and learn more about each other, including FaceTiming every night. Jake’s job has an office in New York, and once we realized how serious we were getting, he made the move to New York in May 2018 (just three months after we met!). As they say, the rest is history.

How They Asked

Jake and I do basically everything together, so when I went to Miami for a girl’s weekend with one of my best friends, he planned a whole weekend of activities for the next weekend to “make up for lost time”. Jake is just a genuinely nice person, so I thought nothing of this. It turns out, he used the time I was away to head to Central Park and scout out the perfect location for a proposal! The next weekend, we embarked on our weekend activities by grabbing coffee at Ralph’s near Central Park (which we reserve for special occasions). From there, he told me that he found a meditation spot that I would love (I love to meditate and also love Central Park – he really lured me in with two of my favorite things!). He led me to the spot and it was gorgeous! Central Park has so many coves and inlets of private space but this location on the water with just a single bench by Bow Bridge was magnificent.

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I began picking out my meditation via the Calm app and he told me he was going to finalize the rest of the plans for the day while I did so. Just a minute into the meditation, Jake stood up and had me stand up with him. He then knelt and said words that neither of us can remember but meant the world to both of us and proposed. I am 99% sure I said “yes” before starting to cry but we can’t be so sure. After the proposal, I noticed that a group of people were coming towards us and realized that it was both of our parents, holding flowers and looking so excited. My parents are from Virginia and his from Ohio, so getting them together in one secluded spot in Central Park felt absolutely impossible to me, but Jake coordinated the whole thing. After a Moet toast and learning more about the month of work that went into planning the proposal, we enjoyed brunch at the Loeb Boathouse and dinner at Il Buco, where we had our first date on Jake’s first visit to New York as my boyfriend. To celebrate such a milestone in the city where we fell in love and to do so with our parents put a permanent smile on my face!

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