Ashley and Daniel

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Discovery Park Seattle, WA

How We Met

Daniel and I actually met in 1st grade and we had some of the same teachers throughout grade school. Fast forward to Spring Semester of our Freshman year of college. Daniel and I were still at different schools, he was at WSU and I was WU when we started talking and hanging out with each other whenever we had the chance when he came back home. That Summer was spent with us getting to know each other spending many days and nights on adventures. We had pretty much spent every day of our Summer together and it was time to go back to school. I traveled over to Pullman for the first time and that’s where the official start of Our Love Story began.

how they asked

Daniel and I were finally going on our first vacation to Seattle since both being in our careers. The beginning of our trip was filled with catching up with college friends and spending time with family. Sunday brought the excitement of seeing Hoodie Allen again after 5 years (which was our first trip together and we had only been a few months into our relationship). Monday came and we had booked a photographer so that we could get couple photos, which I had been wanting for a while, so when Daniel agreed I thought he finally broke down after almost 5 years of dating. Little did I know he had emailed our photographer and told her of his plan.

Proposal Ideas Discovery Park Seattle, WA

We went to Discovery Park a place that we had spent time exploring the Summer Daniel had his internship and ended up clocking over six miles that day. It was hitting that golden hour and we started taking pictures. We laughed and joked while we took pictures, she had us stand back to back we took a few pictures and then the moment came. She had us step a few feet away from each other still not looking at each other, she then asked me to turn around and when I turned Daniel was on one knee and said, “My only regret in my life is not asking you to marry me sooner”, the rest was a blur with happy tears and an obvious YES!

Special Thanks

Tiffany Rosendahl
 | Photographer