Ashley and Chris

Proposal Ideas Atlanta, GA - Jackson Stree Bridge

How We Met

Chris and I met back in 2013 while we were attending the same church. We’d hangout in the same circles while also slowly building a friendship but nothing ever sparked! It was March of 2014 where I picked up another job serving at Outback Steakhouse. I’d always joke that if he wanted to hangout he would have to come to my job. Well…one Friday night he came and sat in my section. After he finished his meal he asked me what I was doing the next day? Not thinking anything of it I said, running some errands why? He asked if I would want to hang out? I replied, “If you want to hang out with me you’re going to have to tag along while I run all my errands.” At this point I was thinking no man is going to want to tag along while I do my typical Saturday errands.

However, Chris was all about it! He picked me up on Saturday and we ran some errands it felt like two old friends hanging out. I do remember loving our conversations, his sense of humor, and just his all-around desire to build and to continue in living up to what God has called him to be. We causally saw each other at Church in the following weeks and continued to build a friendship. Towards the end of April, I went to New York to celebrate a Friend’s birthday and that’s when I found a new respect for “Facebook stalking” Who do I see liking ALL my pics? The old, the recent, even the horrible college ones that you don’t want ANYONE to remember??? It was Mr. Christopher Ogbuefi! When I returned to Atlanta I met a couple of my friends for lunch one Sunday and randomly invited Chris to come. Surprisingly he was free and came. There, we discussed our desires to go somewhere for Memorial Day Weekend.

So the next day he called me with a full itinerary for the trip that we just talked about less than 24 hrs ago!! In typically Chris fashion he planned the entire weekend, invited some of his friends and there I was in a van with a mix of my friends and his and was headed to Destin, Florida. That trip will forever be the start of us. You can even ask our friends, it wasn’t because we felt like sardines tightly packed into a van! BTW, he actually talked to my other friends the entire time more than me!! lol We just had so much fun enjoying our friends, the water (which I love), and a much needed break from Atlanta. When we returned from our 3 day trip, “which he never asked for me to ride in front with him” and I pulled off in my then yellow car to head back home I received a text from Chris and said, “So.. I kind of had a two day crush on you!” My response “Two days???? But we were there for three!” lol … in true Ashley Wynn fashion “Great, we should hangout!” One week later the night my sister had my nephew, me and Chris talked/texted me the entire time I was in the hospital, it was so sweet! We went on our first date one Monday night in June of 2014 to not only celebrate my new job but our unbelievable journey, AKA: The start of Us! #ChrisGotAWynner!

how they asked

Chris partnered with my Best Friend, Allante to create the perfect proposal. I am not an easy one to surprise but together, they did it! Check out our video…it tells the perfect story!

Ashley and Chris's Engagement in Atlanta, GA - Jackson Stree Bridge

Where to Propose in Atlanta, GA - Jackson Stree Bridge

Ashley's Proposal in Atlanta, GA - Jackson Stree Bridge

Our Video

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Special Thanks

Edward Carter
Edward with Visual Renaissance photographer was excellent! He made sure that we came to “Slay” in each and every one of our photos. I had no idea that my life was about to change because Ed kept a pretty good face the entire time. Professional and so much fun! His pictures really told the perfect story from start to finish so beautifully.
Summer Bell | 
Makeup Artist. The wonderful MUA behind making my face flawless. Even after all the crying I still felt pretty the entire night.
Reginald Fields
Gray's Limousine Servie provided transportation to all our excited friends.