Ashley and Bobby

How we met

Ashley:It was the winter of 2014 after a routine staff meeting at the YMCA (where we both worked as afterschool club staff) when Bobby first approached me.

Bobby:I walked up hand extended and politely said, “Hi, my name is Bobby, what’s your name?” Her reply, “ I don’t shake hands”, while motioning for a fist bump instead.

Ashley: I played hard to get for sure, but he was charming, funny, and good looking so that didn’t last long.

Bobby : Two months later, we met again for a work training and she sat at my table. I flirted the entire time and at the end of four hours I was putting her number in my phone.

Ashley: We would text for hours, workout together, we attended church together and spent as much time as possible around each other as we could those first couple of months. On our first date we went to a wine tasting, he was different from any guy I’ve ever met. I fell in love with a God fearing, educated, sweet, and supportive man who desired to have a family that served Christ and because of that we proudly serve our community.

Bobby: From the beginning we couldn’t stay away from each other, we spent so much time just having fun that it blossomed into something deeper quickly. After dating, falling fast, and having my first child with Ashley I knew I had found my equally yoked teammate. We survived a four year roller coaster ride and I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful soul to ask to be my wife. She said YES!

How he asked

Bobby: I wrecked my brain trying to think of how I could ask my reticent girlfriend to marry me. She’d expressed in the past not wanting to be in front of a crowd if and when I proposed. I had her set up a membership at the exact YMCA we met and told her that on Mother’s Day we’d go and pay the fees. I knew taking her back to that exact place where she refused to shake my hand was the perfect plan. I picked up sunflowers and typed up my speech for her to read. Our former boss came in just to hand her the folder that opened up to our dissertation of love. I tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around to me kneeling, ring box open, asking her to be my wife! Her parents were there holding her favorite flowers to seal the deal.

Ashley: He had me completely fooled as I thought we were really going to pay our gym membership before getting our Mother’s Day started. In fact as we got dressed for church I jokingly told him to make sure my nails were done if and when he ever proposed. Teddy Pendergrass, it don’t hurt now blasted on repeat as he profusely sweated and put on his clothes. When we arrived at the YMCA we approached the counter and I expressed that we completed membership online, but wanted to submit payment. Bobby walked off to deal with our son, or so I thought and leaves me at the counter alone. The receptionist asked me to have a seat to sign some paperwork and places a folder in front of me. I open it and there it was. A laminated speech, labeled our dissertation of love, with my child hood favorite Winnie the Pooh on the background. At this point I’m in shock because the student in me always reads the title and then skims through to the end of things. It started, “Honey, honey, honey” and ended with, “Can I graduate, will you be my wife?” I was completely frozen as he tapped me to bring my attention to him. There he was, the man I had dreamed of marrying, kneeling with this beautiful ring, and still sweating. The staff surrounded us cameras drawn as he whispered to me, “ I know you said you would want a private proposal, but I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to bring you to than the place where it all began, will you marry me?” Of course I said yes, I hugged my fiancé in the exact spot I had once refused to shake his hand, and to top it off my parents were standing behind us holding my favorite flowers. It was more than I could ever imagine, it was perfection!

Special Thanks

aim with mia
 | Photography