Ashley and Andrew

How We Met

A classic: we met at our college fitness center, and the rest is history! We met in October of 2012, and have been together ever since!

how they asked

After 6 years together, I was getting pretty antsy about a proposal!! Was it ever going to happen?! On October 21st, we took our two puppies to Hebron, ME to meet our photographer for a fall family photo shoot for our Christmas card. We were out there for about an hour, freezing, getting our photos done in the most beautiful field!

Where to Propose in Hebron, Maine

Ashley's Proposal in Hebron, Maine

Nearing the end, our photographer asked, “any other poses you’d want to try?” And since I was freezing cold, I said “Nope!” Andrew, who usually isn’t interested in our photos (ha!) said to her, “I’d like to try one more over here..” and walked a few steps over to a small hill. I was confused but still had no idea what his plan was. Then, he turned to me, smiled, and dropped a knee. I was absolutely shocked!! And so was our photographer – she didn’t know either! The most perfect, magical moment ever.

Special Thanks

Ranissa Berry
 | Photographer