Ashley and Zachary

How We Met

When I moved to Baltimore to start my career, I knew of one friend, Mike, who had recently moved to the area. When I reach out to him to grab a bite and get the scoop on my new city, he brought his roommate Zach. The three of us became quick friends and after a few months of hanging out, I began to see Zachary in a different light. It felt like sparks were starting to fly out of the blue.

Ashley and Zachary's Engagement in Lapland, Finland

How They Asked

Since my first plane ride with Zach, I knew I wanted him as my travel partner for the rest of my life. From spending a week in Maui biking down volcanos at sunrise and swimming under waterfalls to only having two hours to see as much of Chicago as we can, I knew he would always make my life full of laughter and adventure.

Ashley's Proposal in Lapland, Finland

We took a trip to Scandinavia with another couple and little did I know, I’d be crossing many wild things off my bucket list. On Valentine’s Day, we spent the day in Lapland, Finland driving husky sleds through the Arctic and getting ready for a late dinner under the stars.

We went into our friend’s glass igloo for a champagne toast before heading to dinner and little did I know, right there, under the gorgeous Finland sky, Zachary would ask me to marry him by putting a breathtaking ring in the bottom of a champagne flute. Of course, I said yes! To make the night even more perfect, we saw the northern lights dance across the sky an hour later while at dinner! It was a night I will never forget!

Special Thanks

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