Ashley and Yaw

Image 1 of Ashley and Yaw Asante

Yaw and I have been in a long distance relationship for seven years after meeting in the Bird Library at Syracuse University. We had been talking about getting married since I returned from graduate school overseas in 2014, but the timing never seemed perfect enough. In 2017, especially, something always seemed to happen that would prevent our dream from coming true. Lo and behold, Yaw used some of the challenges that we both faced this year, as a springboard to completely blindside me with a proposal. He used the very real car accident we were in earlier in the year as a precursor for other, very fabricated events, to completely dismiss the idea of a proposal in my head. Come the weekend of June 24th, Yaw’s usual monthly visit to Cleveland, had me anxious and sad because of all the things he was supposedly dealing with. When he got here he said he needed to clear his head and read somewhere that walking in a garden would bring serenity to the soul. So on Saturday, June 24th as we were walking through the Cleveland Botanical Gardens he staged a surprise proposal; photographer included. On bended knee he told me I was the apex of his world and asked me if I would do him the honor of allowing him to be my husband.

Image 2 of Ashley and Yaw Asante

Image 3 of Ashley and Yaw Asante

Special Thanks

Danielle Yonek
 | Photographer
Cleveland Botanical Gardens
 | Planning