Ashley and Wyatt

How We Met

Wyatt and I have known each other for ten years, best friends the entire time. When we started dating about five years ago, we knew we were going to be together forever. After year 2 we moved into our first condo and I started hinting at marriage. Apparently, the hinges weren’t working because it took three more years for him to finally propose.

how they asked

Last Christmas, we had planned to do a trip for ourselves as a present, rather than buying things. Wyatt loves the outdoors and I love going up north, so we rented a cabin for the weekend, invited our two closest friends, and made our way for a getaway trip with the pups as well! The second day of us being at the cabin in Northern AZ, we all wanted to explore and picked Tonto Natural Bridge. We walked all the hikes and left this big one for last.

Where to Propose in Tonto Natural Bridge

I remember Wyatt saying he wanted a picture with me at the bottom of the rocks, and I persisted to say no because I didn’t want to fall (which I did). When we finally got to the bottom he turned to me and said: “you know I love you, right?” And I instantly thought, omg! This is happening!

Proposal Ideas Tonto Natural Bridge

One minute later I said yes and we became engaged! I was so shocked and so happy to have our friends there, and for it to be in this beautiful place! I am so happy to spend forever with my best friend and marry the man of my dreams.