Ashley and William

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Rocky Mountain National Park

How We Met

This day has been 7 years in the making and maybe even a lifetime considering we grew up just across the street from each other. Our families have been friends since before I was born. However, Will and I reconnected on Facebook over 8 years ago and he asked for my number soon after. We have grown our relationship from a tiny shared apartment on a row full of friends in Bel Air, Maryland all the way to Denver, Colorado with our two cats with plans for adventures to take us just about anywhere in the future!

how they asked

The moment of the proposal, before and after was a perfect representation of how we live our lives together. We started our morning at 4:30 AM to head to the Grand Lake side of Rocky Mountain National Park in hopes of seeing the moon descend behind the mountains as the sun rose simultaneously from the east side of the mountain range. We found the parking lot with 1 car and passed the owner on his way out early into our hike, leaving us as the only wanderers on the trail… in Colorado… this has never happened!

We hiked to Adams Falls in 9-degree weather with packed snow and ice covering the entire trail but found that the real gem of the hike was the clearing beyond the falls. As soon as we found the clearing, I set up my tripod and began readying my camera to capture the sunrise over the peaks. While I was distracted, Will was tapping me on the shoulder asking me if he could ask me a question, hehe. From there it was tears and smiles and seriously bright sunlight because the sun popped over the mountain tops as soon as I said “yes!!!”. It could not have been a more picture perfect and serene moment that will live with us forever.

Proposal Ideas Rocky Mountain National Park

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