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How We Met

It was in July 2012 about the time when the London Olympics where showing when I met my fiance . We met at our local church and her striking smile drew me to her unquestionably, I made sure I did not miss a single service so I could catch a glimpse of her it wasn’t long before we started talking and after a few months I officially asked her out.

how they asked

We have always loved Dubai , we jointly booked and prepared for our trip, i purposefully made my fiance sort our car hire whilst I dealt with the accommodation. We checked into Atana Hotel in Dubai and first night went by filled with a lot of sight seeing activities. Once my she fell into a deep sleep I slipped out of our hotel room and headed for the hotel lobby where I made rehearsals on a grand piano located in the with the spectacular glass lobby of the hotel . Morning came, and it was D Day , we got dressed up hit ground floor straight into the lobby and I lured her to the piano under the pretense we would take a picture there .

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I sat on the piano and she stood on my right side casually relaxing against the piano , I got the a staff member to take our picture (but in actual fact were recording a video as planned the night before ) I started gently telling her how the last four and half years together had been wonderful and half way into my spill as planned a gentleman playing a guitar and lady holding a banner appeared from the shadows , she was confused and before she could piece everything together the folded banner written Ashley , Will you Marry Me dropped , she went hysterical and I went down on one knee and she said yes.

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Unbeknownst to her I had secretly booked her favorite car a Range Rover Sport and after she said “Yes” I whisked her away in a white Range Rover Sport to Abu Dhabi for a romantic private beach dinner .

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