Ashley and Tyler

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How We Met

On the first day of school as a junior in college, I walked into the video production lab in the library at Texas State University. It was essentially a news studio with lights, camera, green screens, and a production area. I knew this would be my favorite class because of the material. I scanned my new classmates over and saw Tyler. After a quick intro talking about his class ring, we went about our first day of class and left. Walking down the steps of the library that Thursday, I called my mom and told her I met the guy I was going to marry. (Creepy?) 3 years and 3 different cities later, Tyler had not only become my best friend, but without a doubt the love of my life and the person I wanted to spend mine with. My active-duty mom was set to be deployed to Iraq in March 2017 and I knew Tyler would ask before she left, so I was over-thinking everything he did the months leading up to that.

how they asked

On Dec. 13th, I finished work and was heading to the store when Tyler called and asked if I wanted to go to San Marcos (where our Alma mater Texas State is located) to pick up his debit card that he had left the week prior while visiting our old stomping grounds. We arrived at the library and walked to where his friend was “studying.” I saw the door leading to our old classroom and motioned to Tyler to come look. He shrugged and asked if we should go in. Feeling adventurous and reminiscent, we walked into the empty, dimly-lit hall and turned into the lab to see a shut door and the glowing red sign, “On Air.” The adventurous feeling had quickly turned into feeling like a trespasser, so I pulled Tyler’s hand to leave. At that moment, a man came out of the door and asked what we were doing.

At this point, I was freaking out. Tyler, ever the calming force, also looked very uneasy. We found out he worked in the lab and asked us to come see the newly updated studio. We walked into the studio and stood in front of the news desk where we had met. The lights were on and bright and the cameras were situated and blinking. The man said he had to grab something but would leave us to look around. Tyler turned around and started talking. He wasn’t making sense and he was shaking. He grabbed my shoulders and walked me over to another spot in the room. I was confused at first, but then lost in the moment as he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring box.

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I faintly remember him asking me to be his “Camera One” and wife, but the words was blurred with happy tears, excitement, and nervousness. He stood up and I was staring at my fiancé (and then the ring) and have never been more speechless in my life. After some head nodding and more tears, the man, who at this point I realized had been in on it the whole time, came in and congratulated us. He had been recording everything! We left and had dinner, just the two of us, at my favorite restaurant. We Face-timed my mom, dad, grandparents and everyone else we could think of. Everyone knew of the surprise and got to share in our excitement. It was, without a doubt, one of the most amazing and meaningful nights of my life.