Ashley and Tyler

Ashley's Proposal in In a private jet boat overlooking the fingerlakes

How We Met

Tyler and I met through both of our best friends. His best friend Perry and mine, Abbey met on an 8th grade trip to Ocean City, MD. Tyler and Perry were from Baltimore, Abbey and I were from Rochester, NY. From the meeting, they would stay in touch through social media (myspace to be exact). Well, our senior year, I had a competition in Baltimore MD and Abbey tagged along, excited to travel and excited to have known someone who lived there. Abbey invited Perry to where we were staying and he brought his friend Tyler. That night, ages 16 and 17, we had our first kiss. We stayed in touch for the rest of our senior years, lost contact through our freshman year of college, and then I drunk texted him one night our sophomore year. “Thinking of you”… IT TOOK HIM 3 WEEKS TO RESPOND- “New phone, who is this?!”

Well… that was the text back that started everything. He was still living in Baltimore, and I was in college in Buffalo, NY. We made things official in June of 2013, did the distance for a full 12 months. Moved in together the day after college graduation in May of 2014. I started teaching first grade, he opened his own business. Bought a house 13 months later. Adopted 2 puppies, and 5 years and 2 months into our relationship, Tyler said “be ready at 5, we’ve got something to do” -made me sit up front in the private jet, flew me around the lake that I grew up on and ended it with asking me to be his wife.

This man is incredible, and our story is my favorite!

how they asked

I was at my parent’s cottage the night of the 10th, on Keuka Lake (about an hour south of Rochester) and he was making the 5-hour drive up for the weekend! He calls me when he was about an hour away and says “Hey, make sure you don’t make plans for breakfast tomorrow, we have plans” “OK?!?!?!” Leaving me so on edge! So we wake up the next morning and he gets a phone call that our “plans” were canceled because of the rain. He was BUMMED… like SO BUMMED. BUT, we were rescheduled to 5 pm that night pending good weather. And good weather we had!! So I was racing to be ready by 5, was about to hop into his car when he said: “AHH, well, we actually aren’t taking the car… our ride is picking us up down at the water!”

At this point, I’m seriously worried about getting into a boat with my freshly curled hair, but went along anyway! Down to the water we went. Boat after boat went by, and none were coming to pick us up, and then out of nowhere… a private jet lands on the water, heads my way and my jaw drops… “IS THIS OUR RIDE?!” – “Yepp!” So the pilot docks the jet on my parents’ dock, introduces himself and asks who wants to ride up front… instantly I demanded Tyler sit up from, WHILE he was insisting I did. He would not take no for an answer, so upfront I went. Life jacket, headset and seat belt on off we were. Propelling 1100 feet overlooking the lake that I grew up on.

Proposal Ideas In a private jet boat overlooking the fingerlakes

Views that absolutely took your breath away. The most magnifying 30 minutes I could have ever imagined… and then on our way down, Tyler phones in through the headset, “Ash, I have one more surprise for you,” I turn around… he pulls a black box out of his pocket, opens it, and… “Will you marry me?” MY HEART. “YES” so in awe, totally blown away “YES.” The pilot lands the plane, we head back onto the dock and there we were… fiance and fiance <3

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In a private jet boat overlooking the fingerlakes

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