Ashley and Tyler

Ashley's Proposal in Colorado Rockies

How We Met

It all started In 2011 when there was a new boy at school that all the girls talked about. I wasn’t interested because of course they all had him preoccupied and he didn’t seem to love the attention. Little did he know I knew who he was. A year after he attended the school, around Valentine’s Day I had played a joke on the basketball team and wrote a few poems about their cars and said I was a secret admirer. The next morning I came to school not thinking much of it and one of the cars happened to be his and he was asking everyone if they knew who wrote it… a few more days went by and I had written a few more letters because now it was hilarious… and what started off as a prank turned into a lifetime with a boy who wore a brown shirt and black shoes together the first day he started my school (and made it look good)!

how they asked

High school sweethearts… 7 years and counting! #ashleytystheknot July 22 of this year! In 2012 right after our graduation, my father passed away and he lived in Denver, Colorado and loved the Rockies. November of 2017 my fiancé flew me out to Denver for what I thought was a spontaneous work trip he had… and proposed in the Rockies!

I am marrying my best friend and I wouldn’t want to change anything we have gone through. To surprise me in the Rockies the way he did and ask my mother and step-fathers permission; including all my parents in a special way meant the world to me!

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