Ashley and Tucker

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How We Met

Flashback to my sophomore year of college at Troy University. The very first time I see Tucker he is playing at a bar in Troy called the Front Porch. Tuck is the lead singer of Park Band (a band that plays all across the south). The second I saw him I thought he was super cute! One night we went out to a mutual friend’s barn where we road four-wheelers. Tucker sits next to me and I am like “Omg, this guy is so charming and hilarious I have to get to know him better”. We tried talking for a couple of months during the fall, but sadly I was pretty skeptical and scared of relationships at the time just because I had been in bad relationships before. I stopped talking to him for about two months until I saw him again over Christmas break playing in Birmingham. He started singing “Leave the Night On” by Sam Hunt. I told him to learn it a while back and he sang it as I am standing there in the front row. MY HEART MELTED. I knew I had to give him a second chance. We rekindled old feelings and he asked me to be his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day back in 2015.

how they asked

Tucker and I love to travel together. We also really love theme parks. I had been begging him to take me to Disney World for months. After I graduated from college, Tucker gave me the best present EVER, MICKEY MOUSE!! We were going to Disney World! My inner child was ecstatic. He was pretty determined to go to Disney on our anniversary. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. All I cared about was hanging out in the Cinderella Castle with Mickey and Minnie. Fast forward to Valentine’s Day 2018 and we are all dressed up for our dinner at a fancy restaurant to celebrate being together for 3 years. He told me he thought I would enjoy pictures at Magic Kingdom while we are all dressed up and of course I said yes let’s do it! As we are walking through the metal detectors the security guard stops Tucker and asks why the machine went off. The ring was in Tucker’s sock!! The security guard almost ruined the whole proposal. I am oblivious to what is happening and ask why he had to stop. He said his watch set off the alarm and I never thought twice about it. As we walk into Magic Kingdom, there is a parade going on. We walk into the middle of the road right in front of the castle. We are taking our pictures in front of of all these people and all of the sudden Tucker pulls out a box from his sock and got down on one knee. This is what dreams are made of. My partner in crime, my best friend, and my person asks me to marry him in front of Cinderella’s Castle. I can now say I got my fairytale ending, or should I say beginning!!!

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