Ashley and Trevor

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How we met

I was good friends with Trevor’s best friend. Trevor had been gone serving an LDS mission for 2 years. Trevor’s best friend, Tanner, would occasionally talk about Trevor to me, but I had never thought anything of it. One weekend I was in California vacationing with one of my girl friends and I was snapchatting Tanner. After a few snapchat exchanges, Tanner sent me a picture of Trevor. I remembered him saying that he would be home soon, and it just so happened to be the weekend I was out of town. I snapchatted Tanner back saying I wanted to go out with Trevor and to set me up on a date with him. Tanner replied saying “Trevor will go out with you but he wants you to pay since he doesn’t have any money.” At this point I was willing to do whatever it took to go out with Trevor, so I agreed.

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A few days before our first date Tanner had invited both Trevor and I to come watch a basketball game at his apartment with a few other people. We awkwardly sat on opposite sides of the room and never really acknowledged each other until right before Trevor left. He gave me a high five – SO AWKWARD. A couple nights later, Trevor and I went on our first date and he ended up paying for it because I’m pretty sure he was joking about not paying for it in the first place (emphasis on the “pretty sure”). That’s how we met!

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how they asked

After about 9 months of dating we finally decided we wanted to get married. We went ring shopping one time, but I just wasn’t satisfied with the ring choices. We decided to contact a friend of mine who makes custom rings. Once he gave us the estimated cost we were all over it. Trevor bought my ring in February and they told us it would take about 4-6 weeks to finish. By that point we decided to schedule engagement pictures with our photographer because she has such a busy schedule. Our scheduled date was April 5, and the ring company told us the ring would definitely be done in time. As time slowly went by, we found ourselves entering the last week of March and still no sign of the ring or a proposal. I was quickly becoming discouraged because there was only 7 days til we took our engagement pictures and I thought that I wasn’t going to be surprised by the proposal.

Trevor texted the ring company and told them to send him a text saying our ring wouldn’t be done until after April 5. Trevor told me to go ahead and try to reschedule engagement pictures with my photographer. I also had to contact my hair stylist and makeup artist to do the same. Trevor also texted our photographer, my hair stylist, and makeup artist and told them not to listen to me and that we were still taking pictures on April 5. I’m a photographer and just recently got my own studio. Trevor told one of my good friends to “schedule a shoot” with me in my studio on Friday morning (five days before April 5). He also told her to ask me to “babysit” on April 5 so that I wouldn’t make plans to do anything else. The night before Trevor proposed I became super sick. I felt dizzy, lightheaded, and so sick to my stomach. I’ll spare you the other details. Trevor came over and made me soup and cuddled with my for a little bit before he had to “go back to work” AKA go talk to my parents. Knowing that the next day was April fools I jokingly said “you better not fake propose to me tomorrow.” Little did I know….

That morning I woke up feeling worse than I did the night before. I texted my friend asking her if we could reschedule our photoshoot and she basically said no, and that she had to take these pictures soon and we could do it really fast. I was secretly so mad at her, but I agreed to come anyway. I’m SO glad that I decided to put on decent clothes that morning because I was so close to rolling out of bed in my pajamas. When I got to the studio I walked in and saw a huge wooden board with mine and trevor’s initials on it and a bunch of pictures that we had taken of ourselves over the past year. Trevor and our photographer and videographer were hiding in the office. Before Trevor even stepped out I immediately knew what was happening and began to cry. When he finally came out from the office he gave me a big hug and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes.

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Special Thanks

Autumn Nicole
 | proposal photographer
India Earl
 | engagement photographer