Ashley and Travis

How We Met

Travis and I met online. My first year of college I was taking a sociology class about marriage and family. My teacher had recommended that if we were single to check out online dating. A couple months later Travis messaged me “You should get to know me.” We talked non-stop for 2 days and decided to meet in person. We went to the pool near his house and talked for hours until the pool closed. The rest is history…

how they asked

Travis proposed to me on July 17th 2015 (my 21st birthday). We had been dating a little over 2 years and I knew that I wanted to spend my life with him. He is everything I could have ever asked for and more. He truly loves me and can see it in his eyes (so everyone says). We had talked about getting married and how he had it all planned out. We went to vegas for my birthday and had my whole family there. He had already asked my dad and mom if he could marry me but I didn’t find out that part till later. We went out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants Bucca Di Beppo. After dinner we walked over to the Bellagio for the water show and it had just started with Celine Dion’s titanic song which was my favorite. We were holding hands watching the show and he leaned over saying he didn’t get me my license plate frame he had promised me, he had gotten me something else. After he said that I turned to look at him and he was down on one knee! I was in absolute shock and said yes right away! It was the one of the best days of my life and the fact that my friends and family were there made it priceless!