Ashley and Travis

How We Met

This is our (almost!) decade long love story: My fiance and I met in high school! We literally did not know one another existed until the 12th grade when a group of our mutual friends went out for a night of bowling in April 2010. As soon as I saw him, I thought that this guy was pretty cute! He was so warm and genuine, and he had such striking blue eyes that drew me in instantly. That night, I forgot my wallet and he offered to pay for my bowling shoes! I don’t know what it was about that night, but from that point on, Travis was on my mind every day. We would always see each other in the halls, ask our friends about one another – it was a true, love-at-first-sight moment as teenagers. After a few weeks of hanging out in the hallways and going to the mall with friends – ya know, typical millennial teenager hangout sessions – Travis mustered up the courage to ask me to prom! That sparked even more feelings and even more interest in one another because we were spending even more time together.

I constantly talked about him to my sisters and parents, and I was in a constant state of butterflies in my stomach. I was (and still am!) truly head over heels. On May 14, 2010, in true millennial fashion, Travis asked me to be his girlfriend on MSN (yes that was a thing!). From that point on, we have been inseparable. Fast forward a few years, we move in together in 2014, we welcome our furbabies in 2015, and then we become engaged in 2017. Now in 2019, I am counting the days to marry my one true, irrevocable, butterflies-in-my-tummy, love of my life. After 9 years of growing up together, learning a lot from the good and the bad, experiencing loss of family members, furbabies and friends, going through the hard times as University and College students, and then finally landing on our feet ready to get married, buy a home and start our family! Today, I am in awe of the person Travis is and I am so incredibly lucky to have him. He is so gentle, kind, thoughtful, and always willing to be there for me, and for anyone who needs him. I cannot put into words the kind of man, and the kind of human being Travis is.

Ashley's Proposal in London, Ontario

How They Asked

I had no idea when Travis was going to propose to me. All I knew was that I wanted to get married and have a family with the love of my life and that is what mattered. Plus keep in mind, we were teenagers when we first started dating! Travis was planning the proposal for longer than I knew! We had been talking about marriage for a few years prior to getting engaged, and I told Travis that it didn’t matter to me how he asked, as long as we were home together. We are such homebodies that I couldn’t imagine a big proposal – for us, just something intimate for the two of us to enjoy and be in the moment together was all I could ever want and need. The day after my birthday (December 3, 2017), a few of our best friends, Travis, myself and our pups went to the local park to look at the Christmas lights and listen to Christmas music. I didn’t catch these at the time, but our best friends Erin and Darryl would give secret looks of, “Is it happening now?” to Travis as we walked throughout the park.

It was a really fun night, and I was so happy that they were there to share those little moments with us. When we departed ways, Travis and I went back home with our pups to call it a night. When I walked in the door, I took off my coat and hung it up on one of our dining room chairs. Travis approached me, and he was visibly shaking, and I asked him, “What’s wrong?”. From that moment, all I remember was him going down on one knee, and then me literally falling to the ground sobbing, asking him “Is this real?”, ” Is this happening?”. I have never cried so hard in my life. I don’t even remember what he said (though I am sure it must’ve been beautiful!), I just knew that I had been dreaming of this moment for the entire time we were together, and I honestly could not believe it was real at that moment. Needless to say, after a few hours of us crying on the dining room floor together, surrounded by our puppies freaking out about how emotional we were, we finally managed to pull ourselves together, call our families, and even make surprise visits to our parents’ homes. While we got a few, “About time!” comments, our families were always incredibly supportive of us from the very beginning of our little love story. I love our little engagement story as it was a true testament to our relationship.

Now let me talk about THE ring because, honestly, Travis did such an incredible job! He saw my Pinterest board of what kind of “look” I wanted – very vintage, very different, and very me! The reason why my ring is so important to me. The stone is a blue topaz, which not only is my birthstone as a December baby, but the color blue has a lot of meaning to me our relationship. Blue is a calming color, something Travis is really good at with me. I am a highly anxious person, and Travis is that blue that soothes me when I carry a lot of worry in my heart. Blue represents the color of those striking blue eyes I immediately fell for that night of bowling. This blue will also represent my “something blue” on our wedding day in September 2019. Travis is my blue, and having this engagement ring means so much to me; every time I look at it, even as I type this now, I am happy, I am in love and I feel calm, and it is a true testament to how much I adore Travis as a human being and as my life partner.