Ashley and Todd

How We Met

We met at school at Ohio State last August. We immediately were inseparable and spent every day together! We had always talked about getting married! He would always tie his shoe on a knee to mess with me.

How They Asked

I was absolutely shocked when he proposed! I had no idea! We had been dating for about 11 months! My two friends told me it was a photoshoot and little did I know he picked out the dress I wore and everything! It was absolutely gorgeous.

He spent the whole day decorating this beautiful willow tree near a pond. It had lights strung all over it and rose petals and candles outlining the whole pond. Absolute dream come true! We are so in love and can’t wait for our forever!

Ashley and Todd's Engagement in Marysville Ohio

Special Thanks

Mackenzie Ryan
 | Photographer
Mackenzie Ryan
 | Videographer