Ashley and Timothy

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How We Met

My dad was the head soccer coach at Penn State York when a local kid from Kennard Dale joined his team. Dad always ran a camp in the summers for youth soccer players, where I coached and his college players helped out for the week. My Dad worked a miracle without even knowing it when he created the Dream Team coaching group in the summer of 2010. The Dream Team consisted of Coach Ben, Timmy, myself and our friend Mackenzie. Both Timmy and I were in other relationships, but at the end of camp… I still coined him my “Camp Crush”. Another year goes by, and other than a little “Hi” here or there when I came to watch Dad’s team play (my younger brother played on this team also) we really didn’t keep in touch. Summer of 2013 rolls around and Tim doesn’t show up to the first day of camp. So Mackenzie and I call him and plead… really beg him to come during that week to help out! Thankfully, even though he was in a really exciting internship, he was able to participate in a few days of camp! He didn’t know that on the first day of camp I had broken up with my long-term boyfriend. My Dad decided to have an “End of Camp” get together at our house on the last night of camp this year.

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Timmy came, he actually beat me back to the house after camp that day! So we swam with friends and he taught me how to play Kan-Jam. Later in the night, I held his hand while we looked at stars using some app on his phone. Even later, our first kiss happened while Luke Bryan played in the background. I left for pre-season in Philly three days later and a few weeks later Tim headed back to PSU Main Campus. We hung out a few times throughout the fall, I met him while he was “Canning” and he watched La Salle vs PSU with my parents. My parents always said how nice and polite he was. But we stopped talking again after a few months of being away from each other. The 2014 summer camp rolled around. The Dream Team was once again intact! By the end of camp, we were even closer than before. Shortly after, he invited me to meet him and his cousins out for a few drinks and we decided to stay in close contact throughout the Fall semester. This was both of our last years in school. December 28th, 2014 at Rocky Ridge Christmas Lights he asked me if we could make that our first official date. Boom my camp crush was my boyfriend and he had caught Coach’s Daughter!

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how they asked

So the story began for Timmy six months prior to the engagement day when he asked my Father’s permission to marry me. They were watching a soccer game in a local bar while my Mom and I were shopping across the street. My Dad was more than happy to hand his baby girl over to Timmy, he had basically chosen him for me since day one. It took a few years of college before we actually made it official, but since the day I admitted Cute Timmy was my “camp crush”, my dad was one of our #1 supporters. Timmy had said, back in December at the bar with my Dad, that his plan was to propose late Spring. So fast forward… I play semi-professional soccer and June 9th was our home opener. Timmy weirdly started to plant little ideas in my head like, “We should take Dierks (our puppy) to your game since we have had a busy week. He could use some time out of the house with us.” Then that little idea a few days later turned into, maybe we could take him for a walk to find some water to play in after your game, it is supposed to be like 90 degrees.” Of course, being the dog-obsessed-human that I am… “Yeah that sounds like a great plan!” Now it is June 9th, Game Day for me and Engagement Day for Timmy. So he sent me my pre-game pump-up text, a routine before every big game, I shut off my phone and began to prepare for what I thought was the biggest event of the day. We won the game! I thanked all my friends and family members for coming to watch and started to head to the locker room to change into clothes suitable for a small walk to water for Dierks. Tim had told me on my way into the locker room that his parents had to head out and we had to drop his sister, Tabby (also a photographer who had been shooting during the game) off at her house on our way home. I didn’t think a thing! So I was all changed and jumped into the truck with Tim and Tabby. I felt so sick from the heat and the last thing I really felt like I could do was walk!

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But, again being the dog-obsessed-human that I am- I felt I had to buck-up and let the dog swim! Timmy talked like a little school-girl the entire ride, while also cramming meds and gatorade down my throat! Looking back, I can’t imagine what he was thinking the 6 or 7 times I said I was about to throw up! We got to the trail and crossed over the canal. Tabby had her camera with her and was taking pictures the entire time. This was not at all weird, we are both obsessed with capturing special moments so again I didn’t think a thing of it! There was not a clear path, but little did I know Timmy had been there the night before to scope out the perfect spot. He knew exactly where he was going. So we weaved around until I saw the clearing, which was far from clear. There were washed up branches and it definitely seemed a little sketchy… which is why Timmy, Dierks and Tabby paused for a second- I SAW WATER so I charged forward. Timmy said later that he could see my eyes light up, like they do when I see something new and beautiful to explore. I led the way (just like he had guessed I would) to rocks on the Susquehanna River overlooking the Holtwood Bridge and Dam.

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We let Dierks swim for a few seconds and I embraced Timmy as we looked out onto the gorgeous horizon. I could feel his heart racing, but I thought it was just because Dierks almost pulled him off the rocks and into the water numerous times! After that embrace, our last as girlfriend and boyfriend, I turned around to soak in the scenery. Timmy looked at Tabby, gave her the nod (aka get that camera ready!) and from behind me, I hear, “Miss. Ashley.” I turn around to my Cute Timmy (and his hype-man #Dierksthepup) on one knee.

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He said things that neither of us remembers. After wondering what to do with my phone and water in my hands, and questioning if I said “yes” yet and if he “Really wanted to marry me!” … I fell to my knees with him and cried. We took pictures on those rocks and at the nearest waterfall, I am obsessed with waterfalls… and then jumped back into the truck. I thought we were just dropping Tabby off at her parent’s house- Tim had another thing planned. He had both of our families and closest friends there to celebrate the engagement with us. He had slowly planned the perfect day, with many plan-B’s, to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him. All that time wondering… “Does he really love me? Will he ever want to choose me every day, forever?” He had already known. He was already scheming. My “Camp Crush” is now my Fiance and he asked Coach’s Daughter to spend forever with him!

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Special Thanks

Tabitha Hushon
 | Photographer