Ashley and TC

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how we met

We first caught eyes with each other at work. There were 2 years of us making excuses to “run into each other” and before we knew it, our need to see each other was addicting. We both couldn’t help but crave each other’s company, so much so that TC’s nickname for Ashley was “Future Wife.” Finally, fate took over and we shared our feelings for each other over an accidental text message. We dropped everything to be with each other once we knew we shared the same feelings. We both know how lucky we are to have taken a chance and listened to our hearts. We know we share a love that is rare and that could have only been imagined and created by God. We live every day incredibly thankful for each other and our growing unconditional love.

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how they asked

Since the moment I met Ashley, I knew that there was something special between us and I would never let her go if I had the chance. Challenges were thrown into our relationship early on, including a back injury that I faced and my dad passing 4 months into our relationship. Without hesitation, Ashley bought our plane tickets for us to immediately go to South Carolina to be with my family during such a difficult time. I knew I had an incredible woman that would do anything for my family and me. Once we got back home to Colorado, our relationship continued to deepen and we spent a lot of time talking about getting married and starting a family. I took Ashley ring shopping on multiple occasions to find out her ring size and what styles she liked. I started to plan the proposal in October 2016, 6 months after we started dating.

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I bought the ring in March and shortly after gave Ashley a promise ring to throw her off a little and be less suspecting. Since our first date was at the Lantern Festival, I wanted to propose there. I found one coming to Denver on May 6th. I bought the tickets and coordinated for a photographer to be there. Much to my disappointment, the Lantern Festival was cancelled and rescheduled to May 20th. When May 20th finally came along, it was cancelled for a second time and I couldn’t stand to wait any longer.

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Since we had two days off together coming up, I picked the sunnier day of the two and coordinated with the photographer just four days before the planned proposal. I knew Ashley wanted it to be outdoors, so I chose the Lost Gulch trail on Flagstaff in Boulder. I told Ashley I wanted to take her out to dinner and had her pick a restaurant she wanted to go to in Boulder. I coordinated our dinner reservation time to be after the planned proposal and called the photographer 3 hours before to work out the details. I told Ashley I wanted to take a mountain drive before dinner and we headed up to the trail. I walked Ashley out to the edge of the rocks and made sure she was facing out toward the beautiful mountain view.

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Once I had her in place, I told her that my shoes kept coming untied. After making eye contact with the photographer, I knelt down on one knee. Ashley turned around and lovingly asked if I needed help. I pulled the ring out of my pocket and said, “Ashley Michelle DeGroot, will you marry me?”

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After it set in, she said yes! A few times, in fact. I pointed out the photographer and we were able to capture our moment with some incredible pictures and an incredible view. There are so many little details about our proposal that you can see captured in out pictures. The proposal ended up being the perfect place at the perfect time with the perfect photographer to capture it all.

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