Ashley and Taylor

how they asked

My name is Ashley. I met Taylor in high school, but we never hung out until college. We started dating in 2014 when my son was 2.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Dollywood Pigeon Forge, TN

My son, Rylan, always asked Taylor when he was going to marry his mom or he would tell me that T wants to marry me. Fast forward to July 5, 2018, and we were on Taylor’s family vacation to Gatlinburg. That Thursday we went to Dollywood (my favorite place! I love Dolly so much!).

There was a small storm and the rides were delayed for a short time, so we stalled as long as we could, but we had a big group and three smaller kids who needed to be distracted. Taylor suggested we go look at a chapel we had passed just a little bit before, and we all agreed. I went in first mesmerized at the little chapel.

I was at the front looking at a prayer request book when Rylan came up and said, “Mom, T wants to marry you!” I brushed it off because I hear it about 10,000 times a day, but when I turned to laugh about it with Taylor, he was getting down on one knee! Instant happiness and tears and I said yes! We are so excited to start this journey as a family!

Proposal Ideas Dollywood Pigeon Forge, TN