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How We Met

Tanner and I met in October of 2014, I was a Junior in college at Southeast Missouri State. It was the weekend of Halloween and I was dressed up as a mouse. I thought it was normal night out with my roommates until I saw the guy that would be my future! I remember dancing with one of my close friends when I looked at her and said ” look at the guy across the room, he’s so cute!!” He was with one of his friends that now is going to be his best man in the wedding. We kept looking at each other all night until we finally passed by each other and he started up a conversation. I remember talking for awhile about our lives and how we both ended up at SEMO. At the end of the conversation he asked me for my number and as I began typing I looked at him and said ” you already have it?” He had “Ashley V” in his phone already with my number. We never figured out how this was possible, this was his first time at my college and the very first time we had ever met. We weren’t friends on any social media and he was gone for his baseball season the weekend before we met.. We had no mutual friends and he is from 3 hours South of my hometown. This still blows our mind but we call it fate. I soon figured out after the first conversation that he was a Minor league baseball player in the Atlanta Braves organization and was in his offseason.

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After the night ended we went our separate ways and only saw each other a few times over the next few months. We eventually started texting, hanging out, and that lead to our first date. He took me to one of the fanciest places to eat in Cape Girardeau and I remember it being one of the best nights of college! We talked for hours and hours like we had already knew each other for years. After the first date we continued hanging out and then the time of Spring Training arrived. I remember the day he left, it felt like my heart was breaking. At this point we still weren’t “officially” girlfriend and boyfriend. He told me he wanted me to see if I can handle the long distance and baseball life because it isn’t for everyone. I was a little upset but decided I would respect what he said. He left in February for Spring Training and I went to see him in March. I had a second trip planned at the beginning of April and my Mom joined me. She wanted to meet this guy I couldn’t stop talking about and the guy I was flying to Orlando to see! Tanner took us to a rooftop restaurant in Orlando that’s overlooking Magic Kingdom, I felt like I was dreaming when I was with him. After that trip Tanner asked me to be his girlfriend! Over the next 2.5 years Ispent countless hours on airplanes, watching baseball games, and exploring different states!

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how they asked

Tanner told me we had a suprise trip on September 15th. The only reason he even told me was because we got invited to a wedding that night and I had to RSVP that we couldn’t go. When the date arrived I asked him ” Where are we going” and ” what should I wear”. He told me just to wear something nice and bring a few outfits. Earlier in the week I had a nail salon call me and told me I won a free giveaway for a manicure. I was a little thrown off but went with it and got my nails done before Friday! I totally thought we were going to Nashville or St. Louis just for a fun weekend getaway since he just got back from a full season of baseball.

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When we left our place he said we have five stops but the first one would be a winery. So I patiently waited as we drove to wherever he was taking me, I felt like we didn’t talk the whole car ride because I was so curious! We arrived at the first stop Villa Antiona Winery, just outside of St. Louis. We ordered lunch and a bottle of vino. As we were having lunch he told he wanted to go see this gazebo by the lake, so I agreed and thought that would be a cute picture! We didn’t have much time there because there was a wedding there a few hours later, they were setting up for it when we were there. As we walked to the gazebo I noticed a few photographers and people setting up for the wedding.

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We got to the gazebo and he immediately pulled me in the middle and asked me to marry him! To my surprise one of the photographers I thought was for the wedding was actually a photographer he hired to capture the moment. As we walked off the gazebo in pure happiness I saw his parents and my parents running down the hill. I couldn’t believe it, they had be hiding the whole time and saw the proposal! To top the day off he had a surprise engagement party at the end of the night. Tanner could not have made this day go any better, it was everything I dreamed of. He made me feel like a princess, it was perfect!

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