Ashley and Steven

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Steve and his mom were coming up on one year of celebrating their successful kidney transplant surgery. Steve’s mom had been struggling with her health for years and when she began dialysis, Steve signed up to donate his kidney. We always talked about how this was a necessary step that needed to happen, so we could have her at our wedding and see our children. The process was long and hard but, absolutely worth it all. We were approaching on the weekend of Mother’s Day and Steve suggested we bring his mom into the city, because she had not been to the city for years due to her health. We brought his grandmother as well, since it was an exciting milestone. Steve and I always go down to the city for our anniversary and go to the Bethesda Fountain. Once we got to the Central Park area, Steve said we should go show his mom where we go every year, the fountain is so beautiful in the summer. I started pushing his mom in the wheel chair towards the fountain, while he got the camera ready for a family shot. When everyone was set up, I asked “are we ready?” Steve replied, “I don’t know, why we don’t have them join us?”. I turned around and my whole family was standing there (apparently they were hiding on the other side of the fountain), at that point I turned to him as he got down on one knee. It was such an incredible moment that we got to share with our whole family. This year has been full of new beginnings with health and love; we are so excited to celebrate the big day with everyone there!

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