Ashley and Sonny

How We Met

I’m a competitive skater here in NY with a dream to one day go professional in skating. One day along my adventures trying out new skateparks I bumped into this guy Axel. He was a local in Long Island New York who insisted I’d try out this private skatepark, with my mom beside me we talked about it for a week then road the park, which was EXTREMELY awesome! Prior to leaving this private session, Axel again recommends two local skateparks in Long Island. I was pretty exhausted but with a push of motivation from my mom and my passion for skating, we decided to go to the closest park in Greenlawn NY. When we got there I needed to scope out the flow of the skatepark to see if it was even worth skating, (normal in the skate world) lol. I saw this guy resting on his BMX bike because it was later in the day but couldn’t see too much more than that, when I got closer to scope out the ramps he got up and the road passed me…and ohhhh, was he handsome! My mom looks at me and says “you want your board, Ashley?” With a smile on my face, I said yes!

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I road the ramps for a bit and so did he, which was funny because you can tell how tired he was. my mom recommended I ride down this one ramp called the “roller” she said after that we could leave, I was tired so there wasn’t any argument there lol. When I got to the top of the roller ramp, he followed. He looks at me and says “are you going to roll in?” I guess he’s never seen a female skater before so I replied, yes. Moments later he introduced himself, his name was Sonny (His eyes were green and his smile was cute) anyway we talked for a bit about how I was from upstate and he was from Long Island. I also found out he wasn’t just riding his bike as a hobby but he was also passionate about it and plans on making pro in biking.

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Ashley and Sonny's Engagement in Greenport NY skatepark

After a few more convos on the ramps, we swapped Instagrams and I told him my birthday was coming up because he asked my age. Rather than leaving it at a Happy Birthday, he said to me “well if you’re in the area again I’d love to take you out to a bar and show you around.” That night with the excitement flowing through my whole body of what just happened, he messaged me on Instagram and said “it was nice meeting me today but it was super brief..” from there the rest is history! We now both compete in our action sports together with the same passion and dream of becoming Xgames athletes. He asked me out at a skatepark that June and the very next April at the same skatepark he asked me to marry him. With all the love in my heart body and soul, I told Sonny, YES!

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Ashley's Proposal in Greenport NY skatepark

How They Asked

The very special day was Tuesday, April 30th! My mom and I were going to meet Sonny at the skatepark in Long Island. It was later in the day. The plan was to meet at the skatepark and then go to dinner. On the car ride down I was pretty suspicious of my mom but she held a poker face. We pulled into the parking lot. Sonny was on the phone saying he was using the bathroom but he came walking around the corner a few seconds later. He was walking across the field to my car with this red suit jacket on. My eyes glowed with excitement! He opened my car door and poked his head in to tell me, mom, you can come too.

We are going over to the skatepark for a minute, Sonny said. I got out and hugged him, then he grabbed my hand to start walking. We entered the park and I saw one skateboarder sitting down. I wanted to be skeptical of him being a photographer but he looked like he was taking a break from skating. Sonny walked me in between some of the ramps and then he was guiding me over to the Vert ramp. He told me to close my eyes.

He covered over my eyes with his hands and directed me where to walk. I could feel the joy jumping in and out of my chest! Then he stopped me in a spot and he told me to open my eyes. When I opened them I saw him getting down on one knee. I was melted inside with happiness. This was the skatepark he asked me to be his girlfriend and now he’s going to ask me to be his wife! Sonny got on his knee and said Ashley I am soulless without you, will you marry me?

I shouted yes!!! The ring was so perfect it took my breath away. It has such a beautiful positive glow to it. The vert ramp was set up a special. On the ramp said will you marry me with heart. Turns out that guy disguised as a “skateboarder” was the photographer. Haha, we all laughed about that and took many photos.

After that, we took more photos at dinner and we slow danced to a song. It was the best day ever. He really was Godsent ❤️What I haven’t captured in words, these pictures and videos will explain it all