Ashley and Skyler

We went over to his parents house to celebrate my birthday. While waiting for the rest of his family to show up, his mom and dad suggested we go take my daughter out to look at the baby calf just born an hour before. They knew i would go because i have a crazy obsession with cows. So we bundled up and went out the field and Skyler said he needed to feed them anyways so we just stood with him while cows, cows, and more cows came towards us. His pet cow, Spunky, came up to us but she was wearing a cow bell. I didn’t even think anything of it. I just thought he put it on her because she is literally his pride and joy. Well when she got up to us I saw the cow bell and the words written on it. Ashley will you marry me? I really wanted to yell NO because his mom and dad were watching but I was SURROUNDED by cows so I just gasped and replied “yes of course”. BEST DAY EVER.

Image 1 of Ashley and Skyler

Image 2 of Ashley and Skyler