Ashley and Sean's Vineyard Proposal


How We Met: The way Sean & I met is quite unconventional, but that’s what makes it great! Turns out, Sean and I had many mutual friends at the time we met but had no idea who each other were. One day I got a message from “Sean Gibbons” on Facebook (I know, I know) stating “You look familiar, do I know you?” I remember being with my sister Kelly at the time and her saying, “He’s cute!! Message him back!” Naturally, I did not. I think it took me quite a while to finally respond to his, “let’s go on a bike ride”, “let’s hangout”, etc. Finally one day (although I second guessed myself) I decided “why not?! we do have similar friends, he might be cool”. Sean’s persistence was something that attracted me to him. The first time we hungout was on Superbowl Sunday in 2012 and we have honestly been inseparable ever since. To this day, Sean is still just as persistent as he was in the beginning. He still tries to “win me over” every day and I LOVE that about him. I am so beyond grateful that I took the chance that I did. Ever since that day, Sean has made me the happiest girl in the world.

how they asked: We were on our way to Santa Barbara to celebrate Sean’s 25th birthday and go wine tasting for the weekend. The whole family was there (Gibbons & Browns) along with some select friends…On Saturday the 18th of October we all jumped on one of our favorite wine tour companies buses and left for a day of tasting at the wineries. We pulled up to the 2nd winery (Bridlewood) and got off the bus to take a quick tour of the grounds. As we walked to a nice grassy area overlooking the vineyard, The Grapeline staff announced that it was Sean’s birthday and they wanted to present him with a “gift.” Sean handed me a wooden wine box and said “Ash, open this” I had no idea what was about to happen. I opened the wooden box (thinking it was a present for Sean) and inside was an engraved wine bottle that said “Ashley, Will you marry me?” I nearly dropped the box!! I looked up and Sean had gotten down on one knee IN FRONT OF EVERYONE and said so many sweet words that I could barely take in because I was crying in pure joy! After saying “are you serious?!” a few times in a very squeaky voice, I finally got out a YES!

Best. Day. Ever.