Ashley and Scott; Facebook Sweethearts!

How We Met: Scott and I both went to the same high school, Riverview High, but never knew each other. Until one day his picture popped up on Facebook stating we had 42 mutual friends and I thought, “He’s so cute! How do I not know this guy?”. As any outgoing single-lady like myself would do, I asked him to be my friend. He quickly accepted and I started stalking his page right away! I probably followed him for about 2 weeks until one day he posted he was the designated driver for my friends going away party and if anyone needed a ride to call him. That same night, I had been out with my girlfriends for “Wine down Wednesdays” at Urban Flats and was feeling extra outgoing, due to my 3 glasses of wine (1 would have done the trick).

So, I called our mutual friend who’s going away party it was to see where they were hanging out. I told my girlfriend that I had a complete crush on this guy I’d never met and that we had to go meet up with them. We cabbed it over and said a quick “hello” to our mutual friend and then walked up to Scott, and out came “Hi! You don’t know me, but I know you. We’re friends on Facebook.” Yes, I actually said that. Me or the wine, not sure at that point. He played dumb of course and said “Oh yea?” when he very well knew who I was… typical guy.

That night I told him about a pool party I was having the following Saturday and that he should come. And so he did. We laughed and talked all day and when he went to give me his number that night I started to program it into my phone, because his phone was dead, Scott Hagen popped up… I had already programmed in his number off his Facebook profile. Ha! Total stalker I know. So, I said “Oh, I guess I wrote it in here because I was going to call everyone about the pool party.” I was humiliated, but he actually smiled and said “Cool, so you have it.” Later he told me that he was actually very flattered and he walked away smiling that night.

The next day he asked what I was doing and I told him I signed up to volunteer to look for turtle eggs on Siesta Key with a group of volunteers if he’d like to come. He enthusiastically accepted, which knowing Scott now, he must of really liked me. We arrived and some guy stands up from his beach chair and says “Great, you’re here, see you in 3 hours”. We looked at him with confusion and it turned out: 1) It wasn’t a group thing 2) We weren’t looking for turtle eggs up and down the beach. We were actually there to sit and guard Snowy Plover bird eggs that were layed at Access 7. So, for the next 3 hours I taught him to play rummy, he introduced me to Josh Turner’s music and we talked. Three hours flew by and 2 weeks later he asked if I would be his girlfriend.

how they asked: 1 year and 9 months later on March 29th, 2012, Scott and I had dinner plans at our favorite restaurant, JoTos, that night. He knew I was attending one of my favorite jewelry designer’s trunk shows with my mom and sis before dinner. After staying way later than planned, I texted Scott that I would be home shortly. I walked in the house and there was Lucy, our cheerful black lab, greeting me with a smile as always. Scott wasn’t in the family room which was strange since we were already late for dinner. So I called his name and no response… as I walked into our bedroom, I was startled at first, and there he was. Down on one knee, with the ring in his right hand, shaking like a 90 years old man’s hand would do. My heart melted. He stood up and told me he couldn’t wait until dinner because he was afraid he wouldn’t eat and would barely talk, and that I’d get upset he wasn’t talking to me. You know, relationship stuff.

And then, he said “Would you be my wife?”. Smiling from ear to ear I said “Yes!!”. Then, I asked him to repeat himself. Not because I didn’t understand him, but because I loved hearing those words from my best friend, “be my wife”. We finally made it to Jotos where I said, “don’t worry hunny, we don’t have to jump into wedding talk right away.” Five minutes passed and I smiled and said “So.. how does a Summer or Fall wedding sound?”. He laughed and said “Sounds perfect.”

We are getting married in August 2012 in a small, private ceremony on the Floating Chapel in Sarasota, which we actually wanted originally but was out of our price range, but ended up winning in a raffle at a bridal show! It will be followed by a larger reception with dinner and dancing with our closest friends and family. How lucky are we to have found one another on a little ol’ site called Facebook?

Photos by Cassie Leah Photography, an Eco-friendly boutique baby & wedding photography studio based in Sarasota, Florida.