Ashley and Sandy's Eiffel Tower Proposal

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How We Met: Sandy and I met the first two weeks of our freshman year at Boston College. Two of our friends were meeting up for lunch and they each brought us along. Then without realizing it, we both auditioned for and made it onto the same latin dance team. Through our love of dancing we became really good friends. It wasn’t until our Junior year that we decided to start dating. =)

how they asked: I could not have imagined a more fairytale proposal!! We were traveling through Europe and were in Paris for a few days. After having the best day at the Palace of Versailles we headed back to the city. Before going to dinner we were meeting up with one of Sandy’s “friends” that he knew from back in the states for coffee. We headed to the Bir Hakeim bridge, which has the most breath taking view of the Eiffel tower. When I saw the tower I wanted to take pictures. So, Sandy started to walk to this particular point on the bridge, but as a funny quirk to the moment, I kept telling him to move because he was blocking this woman’s photos of the Eiffel Tower. Little did I know, the woman was a professional photographer that he had hired to capture the moment. And, in fact, there was no “friend” we were meeting. Rather, all of a sudden he grabbed both my hands and says “this is it.” He started saying amazing things about the life we’ve shared and our relationship. Before I knew it, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! And, as another funny moment, when he went to put on the ring it didn’t fit hahaha! It made the moment that much more special and fun as an added twist. It was a true dream come true. Plus, the two photographers he hired stayed with us for over an hour for an engagement photo shoot and took the most stunning shots!!

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