Ashley and Ryan

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How We Met

Actually it was a funny story of how we met. My fiancé and I met online (OkCupid) he was on there for about 2 or so months, I got on there because my friends were pushing me to get back out there because my last relationship was about a year prior. So I downloaded the app and tried it well he was one of my first few matches and I messaged him first of course! After talking for a little bit I messaged him and just told him to text me. From that moment on I never used the app again! We went out on our first date a couple of days later it was the best date, he made me dinner and we watched a couple of episodes of a black mirror. We decided to call it a night at 3 am… we both had to work in the am but we said screw it, it’s worth it.

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The next day I had free tickets to a reggae concert and I asked if he wanted to join me, he said I normally don’t like that type of music but sure I’ll give it a try. We went to the show but the ticket counter ended up giving us 4 tickets instead of 2!!! So I asked him if he knew anyone that would like to come as well so he invited his best friend will which is the best man by the way. He came and Ryan (my fiancé) introduced me as oh hey this is my GF, Ashley. I was like whatttt I didn’t know we were dating??? So I waited until after the concert and I asked him if he meant that or was it just for a friend well he said no I thought that’s where we were going so I took a shot and you didn’t seem to mind. Well, I told him I didn’t mind and we have been together ever since that day back in 2018. Now our wedding day is 11/14/20 that was the day of our first date.

How They Asked

Well, we went on vacation for Christmas this year to go see my home town. It was beautiful we were there for about a week in Nevada I thought something was going on but he kept reassuring me that he couldn’t do it there he had to wait til we got back home in Dallas. So I kept going enjoying the time we had then we went to Lake Tahoe and towards the peak where you can see the whole lake. Well, we were there for a long time taking so many pictures… then when I was done and ready to go he said one last picture continued to set up the tripod he bought from amazon. These random strangers were walking by and said that’s smart and I stopped I told them amazon!!! Which you can hear in the video at that moment he got down on one knee and asked!! Of course, I said yes!! HE ALSO DESIGNED THE RING HIMSELF! ( the other voices are the random people, not us!)

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